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SVR in the Class of 2010

Wanted to share- I was svr at my 6 month pcr. YEAH!!!

I had genotype 3a.
Diagnosed 2/09
Biposy 3/09- stage 0/1 depending on the system used
infected perhaps as long ago as 34 years
no symptoms= dicovered elevated lft in routine blood work for new doctor

Decided to treat. Wanted it gone, did much research on my personal odds of clearing- female, age 55, type 3A ,stage 0/1, decided to take the plunge and treat to get my life back ,as there are no upcoming breakthough meds on the horizon for type 3a

I heard that some people do not have lots of side effects and I decided it might be me and if not I would continue if my response was good as I wanted to be able to move on if I could.

starting viral load 7 million
started treatment 5-30-09
24 weeks on Pegasys and 1000 ribiviran- weight based at my specific request
went to the cheif hepatologist at a major teaching hospital

undetected at 4 weeks into treatment and ever since

During treatment I had minimal side effects. Some, but none that were debilitating. It did however require a life adjustment. I just did what I had to, when I had to.

No depression, no anxiety and on no meds for either
No anger issues
No concentration problems
No sleep problems
No shot reactions ever besides site redness
4 weeks in- developed anemia which responded pretty well to procrit- when they would give it weekly. WHen it was reduced to biweekly I struggled with fatigue and breathlessness at times.

had about 8  to 10 "real bad" days total- with no specific symptoms- just felt really bad- in the whole 6 months
still it wasn't fun. Not at all !

Generally I did not feel like myself. Often I felt a bit hyper,
Had lots of fatigue and breathlessness
got the cough which worsened as time went on
the last 2 weeks very itchy, scratched like a dog- but had no rash

I worked the whole time. At a job that required lots of attention to detail but no physical labor.

It's over now. I have no post treatment issues.

I think I've won the battle. God was good to me!

I wanted to post so that others can be encouraged by my good news.

FOr the most part I have been a lurker here and on the Janus and Friends forum. The info from these sites, plus Clincal CAre Options in Hep C,  helped guide my research and decison making process. I might not have done so well, if I had been less informed.

I felt impowered enough to tell my doctor from the start, that I did not want to take Pegintron ( his initial plan for my interferon)  I definitely insisted on weight based Ribaviran. I did not think i knew more than he did. I just wanted to maximize my personal odds of clearing.

Hope that all of you do as well as I did and also achieve SVR


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Very encouraging news!  
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That is great news!!!! Yes, you give those of us who are treating now hope.

Enjoy your virus free life.
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Great news!  This is my first week of treatment and I also hope to work during the whole thing so your story is very encouraging.  Thank you.
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" I just feel bad for all those people on treatment that God decided to ignore.  Why do you think that is?"

Yeah, I'd like to know the answer to that too but on the other hand maybe I wouldn't. :o(

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That's really amazing how you've possibly lived with Hep C for 34 years and got cured.  

You responded early, and handled treatment well with minimal side effects, incredible!

You deserve a big round of applause!

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YEAH!!!!! VERY EXCITING AND HAPPY NEWS! Your encouraging words will give hope to ones trying to make the step to get started and for those just starting out.
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Hi Gail,

That's really great news.

It's fantastic that you searched early on for information here, at Janice and Friends and at Clinical Care Options, and became pro-active in the decison-making process about your treatment.

I remember sitting passively in the office when my doc decided to put me on Pegasys instead of Pegintron - I had no idea why he chose one over the other. When he mumbled something about ribavirin dosage, I just nodded stiffly and never thought to ask.

It's great that you were on top of this and really had a hand in going for weight-based riba.

So congratulations on SVR and your super post-tx recovery.

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I am so happy for you!
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Congratulations!!!!  Thanks for sharing your tx tale.  

Ya done good, girl!!!

All the best,

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