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Gender:  Female
Age:  53
Ht/Wt: 5"7, 137lbs
Genotype:  1a
VL at start:  414028
What treatment:  Harvoni and Ribavirin
How long: 24 weeks Harvoni, 12 weeks Ribavirin during first half of treatment
Date completed:  August 2, 2015
SVR or Relapse:  SVR
Liver status:  Cirrhosis
Naive or Prior Treatment:  Relapsed three times on Peg/Ribavirin

Additional Comments:
Coinfected with HIV since 1988.  Latest Fibroscan (12 weeks EOT) showed drop from 12 to 8.  Experiencing some neuropathy, joint and muscle pain post-treatment, but could be HIV meds, though this side effect is new.  Treatment was easy compared to Peg/Rib, but not without side effects.  Feeling enormously grateful to my doctors, nurses, Gilead, my health insurance (United), my partner who lived through four treatments with me, my friends, this site and medical research.  Now let's cure HIV.    

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Way to go!!  congratulations!!!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Hep C Free!   It took a while to adjust, but every week or so, I find myself doing things I haven't even had the energy to think about in past years.  Please be encouraged by that.

Oh, and don't expect those changes overnight.  Remember, your body has just been through some very tough medications!  You should begins to feel more energy/ stronger pretty quickly due to being off the RIBA.  As your Hmg finds its normal level you will feel stronger, less 'wobbly' etc., but take it in easy stages.  You may experience days when you just have to rest, etc., like you did before.  That is normal.  I used to have a good couple of days and the. Had to have a 'down' day, so my body could catch up.  I am now 11 month past treatment, and, am just amazed at what I find myself doing, without having even thought about it -- I am not talking about climbing mountains here (but watch out, mountain, in a year! : -). ).  I am talking about doing loads of laundry, running a mop over the floor, a 2nd trip to the grocery, going kayaking with my husband, things of that nature.

You have a world of wonder ahead of you!  Go for it!


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P S:  Did you post your SVR right on the SVR or Relapse threats?  P
Hi Patra, thanks for your message.  So good to hear of your encouraging improvments.  I thought I had posted this on the SVR or Relapse thread, but it came up here.  I guess the brain fog hasn't quite lifted!!! Thanks again and good health to you.
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Many congratulations to you!!  Another dragon killer wins the fight!!  Yay!  Best of luck with the HIV situation.  
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Congratulations to you!  I will try to bump up the other thread that Nan started Take care, Dee
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Here is the link, if you like you could copy and paste your info here as well

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Thanks Dee for the link and bump.  Finally figured it out having posted it in the wrong place again!!!
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A big congrats!!..
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