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I got a call from my doctor’s office this morning; they confirm that six months after completion of treatment, I remain HCV RNA negative… SVR!

54 year old Caucasian male
Low viral load (~125,000 IU/mL)
Diabetes type 2
Grade 3, stage 3/4 fibrosis

Treated with Pegasys/riba for 56 weeks; slow initial viral response, so increased riba to 1800 mg/day. Relapsed within 30 days post treatment.

Treated again with Peg-Intron (~204 µg/week) and riba (2g/day) for 96 consecutive weeks. I completed treatment July 16, 2008.

I’d like to thank the forum for all the help over the last several years; this would have been a very difficult and confusing journey without this discussion group.

Good luck to everyone here; I hope you all eventually prevail,

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I've been waiting to hear your news. This is great. Onward!
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I am honored to bow before the dragon slayer extraordinaire! I am so happy for you what a wonderful hopeful day it is today! I have followed you for over a year and you have been so kind, helpful and honest all with a sense of humor. I am in tears right now for many good reasons and I salute you. You give us all hope. Yes we can. Sorry about the sidebar but I wish you all the happiness and robust health for many years to come.
Oh happy day!
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Thanks, FLGuy!
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Congratulations - what absolutely fantastic news.  Enjoy your days from now on!
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congratulations you fought very hard wishing all the best you truly show it can be done
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FanTAstic news!!! You're an inspiration and a real help to those of us following in your footsteps..... hopefully on the road to SVR.

Big smile here........Congrats! Pam

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Congratulations Bill! A well thought out and well deserved SVR!

Best regards,

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Congratulations,Bill!!!!  That was a hard-earned victory.  

And through it all, you have been here supporting us.....you're a Hepper Hero!!!!

Wishing you the best,

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I am absolutely thrilled to hear this great news! Man, you really worked to get here.
You have handled your very difficult struggle with grace and dignity and despite your situation you never hesitated to reach out to help another. I really respect you Bill. And I am so happy for you that I'm sort of in a daze.
Stay well my Friend.
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Such wonderful news! I'm so happy for you. That was a long road but you got there.

I wish you the best.

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Bill, You have been a Great Asset to this forum. Congratulations and Thanks, R. Glass.
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Fantastic!!!  I was waiting to hear this.  The Iron Man has prevailed!

Hope you are continuing to feel better post tx.


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Hooray! How good is that! I am so happy for you! I am sitting here smiling at my computer!

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What wonderful news, and so well deserved!  I'm absolutely thrilled for you.  You made my day.  Many thanks Bill, it was rough beyond words but you did it with style and grace.  Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.  I'm putting on my dancing shoes and raising a glass to toast your excellent health and long life.  Root beers for the house and let the happy dancing begin!

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Congratulations on finally making it to SVR it has been a long haul so baste in the moment before starting the long forgotten list, you know the one top draw left side, lol

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I'm so thrilled to get this update from you.  You've been a personal inspiration and reminded me not to grumble or feel sorry for myself.

Big congratulations and I hope you're enjoying the relief and mental relaxation;  so incredibly well deserved.
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Congratulations Bill.  You made it and echo what Mike said.  You are a true man of character.  Have a wonderful, healthy life.
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Well hot damn!!! Congratulations Bill, you have set a standard that many can look up to..
(don't forget to update the 72 weeker thread..;^))
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So SO happy for you ! I wish you all you wish for yourself and more!!!
SVR!! What BEAUTIFUL words.


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You came , you saw, you conquered !!!!

You came here to forum, you saw our pain difficultis and heartache, allthough you had  your own.
And youvé conqured many a heart.

I´m touched deep inside of this awesome news.
Love you man.


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I also echo what MikeS said, you are a kind man, a gentleman!  

Now heres a WOOOOHOOOOO and a congrats!   So happy for you, so very happy for you!  Smiling huge here!

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way to go bill. you will always be in my heart. you are a kind and helpful pioneer. dont steer to far . we love.
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This sure gives all of people new to tx,  the faith and courage to believe and know were doing the right thing , no matter how sick we may become.  In the end to SVR like you did, will make all the hardships we endure so very worth it.

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That's WONDERFUL news Bill!  Congrats and best wishes to you and yours!
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