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Went to see doc#3, one of those
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Thanks for the info, veddy interestink! Also helpful and right in line with what my doc said up to the VX option part. Wish I had known I had cirrhosis when I first txed but water under the proverbial bridge now. Going to the beach a few days, now THAT is good therapy! I know you wi et us know whe you decide what you will do. So glad to hear how it went but who did he say is "the best"??

PS what did he say anything about smoking?
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Good morning, I am in orl. So do I understand that you wont actually be treating at the university but the university will coordinate treatment with your doctor?
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That doctor I went to told me the MOST important and good thing about my treatment was that I never had any dose reductions, as hard as it was it was CRUCIAL.

I only did that with all the hemo problems because of the advice in here. Glad I listened.

What do yOU think you will do?  These days it really DOES look to me like the doctors (the forward thinking ones) are right and geno 2 and 3 should go longer than the 24 weeks. Maybe because they spent so much time studying the 1s they really don't have a good handle on the 2s and 3s and based the 24 on some "study" that had invalid data or something?
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While I was there he dictated the 'consultation notes' to my tx doc.  In prior conversation with the tx doc he said he'd follow directions.  These two docs have done this before so if it's re-combo, just a matter of all the rx's and getting lined up with the ins. co.  Insurance wont't cover charges with the Univ doc so this was a one-time event.
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Have been waiting to hear from you, then I remembered that you didn't have your PC at the condo.  A lot od good info and glad you went.  Bet you had a great week-end at Hutch.

So who is the best hep doc?

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I didn't ask about the smoking.  But I think we know the answer to that anyway.  Also did not ask about pre-dosing riba a week before peg - I'm kind of kicking myself about that one because I really wanted to know if it had any validity.
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Sorry a little confused,
ha ha , like I really have to even say that.

but I don't have time to elaborate with my 3 days
of test, I was wondering if you could elaborate a little
1, are you saying geno type 2b should be on tx longer than 24 weeks.

that's my question as I take short today and then my last shot next week...
so I am axious to hear your response..!!
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sorry one more question please
I forgot to mention, my last set of riba ****
is now different, I was getting capsules, but the
pharmacy swited 'companyies'??
so now I little pink pills..
any idea if they really are ok, the pharmasicist said
of course
but they wouldn't say anything different , right?
I will have pills left over, do I keep taking them?
ps...obviusly I don't trust my dr or the pharmacy anymore..
your opinion is greately appreciated
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Good morning, Wow next week is your last shot.  I'm a 2B and also treated 24 weeks and now 2 months post tx.  I think other things factor in whether to treat 24 or 48 weeks, like amount of damage, VL, etc.

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My doc has been pushing me to tx for 48 weeks since the beginning but I have been fighting her all along.  I now wonder if I should listen to her.  I also wonder if I should have her switch me to weight based from here on out.  I am on standard baby dose of 800mg.  3a cleared at 4 weeks stage 1 grade 1 been infected 4 1/2 years.  diagnosed sept 05. (just for a recap)

My biggest question would be how do they know at this point that 48 weeks will do it?  Since there are no studies out there for 3a's?  Extending tx is the hardest decision I've ever had to make and I haven't made the decision yet.

Thank you for going and letting us know what the doc said.  It is really helpful to me and people in our situation.

Deb in az
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So not to let depression set in.  BUT
do you think my dr would actully say...keep going???

and do I continue to take the riba pills that are still
here, after last shot...
sorry I just don't trust my dr. so whatever your dr
said to you or your research advise is greatly appreciated
thanks for your quick response
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Paris , I think after your last shot you should have enough ribavirin for another 7 days. I really dont know how important it is that you finish them  , but thats the protocol.
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