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Second Day Off Meds!!!

I just finished my 24 week protocol of 3x therapy with inc. Not easy but there is light at the end of the tunnel. The 12 weeks doing the triple therapy were hard but tolerable. I've had the 1a virus for probably 35 years and now I have been undetectable since week 4!!!! All levels are normal and took my last ribi on Friday. Hang in there guys. It's totally worth it. I still can't believe this. This is my 4th time treating with the first being back in 1991 with experimental interferon. It's hard to believe and now I'm going to recover and get my strength back and prepare for the next phase on my life. This thread has saved me more than once knowing that other people were sharing the same feelings  and fears and I was. Stay strong and get thru this. Thank you all for sharing!!!!! Now onto SVR!!!
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Congratulations on finishing treatment and on being UND since week 4. SVR is just around the corner.
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Hi there.,
Congratulations on finishing up treatment and as you know being [email protected] 4 is an excellent predictor of success.

I was wondering ,if you don't mind ,on your other three attempts, were you a relapser all three times or a non-responder ?

Thank you and again congrats!

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nice going!!..keep drinking lots of water for a while
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Hey There!  Congratulations!  I am so very happy for you, thank you so much for sharing.  This is wonderful news for everyone, it really helps when you share.  I too am glad (now) that I treated.  It was very hard but the rewards are really worth it all
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Congratulations that is great to hear. Thanks for the encouragement. I have 9 weeks left till the eot. Counting down. I am looking forward to taking that last riba, but I am a bit scared as well. Good luck with svr.
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Congratulations ! Thanks for sharing the good news.
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I am so happy for you! And following shortly behind you....o ly three weeks to go for me!
Wishing you days of feeling good and the joy of a day not consumed by meds!
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Congrats. Great news!  
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WOW that is great just what I needed to hear congrats  to you I cannot wait to feel what your feeling right now!  Dance hike swim long long walks hiking you give everyone encouragement great job enjoy your new found health and thank you for coming to share with those of us still going through it.
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Congrats. That has to be a wonderful feeling. I too started in 1991 with interferon only, ans also tried treatment 4 times. I cleared the virus every time except the last in 2009 when ELSD set in. Received a living donor ( greatest sister in the world!) in 5-2010. I just started my thriple therapy on 6-01-12. So looking forward to clearing this virus. Looking foward to saving my new 2 year old liver. That is already being devastated by the hep c. Stories like yours are great inspiration to us on treatment. Thank you for sharing, and good luck on staying  such great news!!!!!
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Congrats. Having recently SVR'd myself after 24 weeks of peg, riba, and incivek that ended back in December I know the feeling! Things are going to be great for you and my hats off to you for having the strength and courage to do this after 3 previous efforts. You are amazing and have really gone after Hep C. Best wishes to you on a bright future!
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I'm on my 3rd go around myself! This time I think they may have it down! :-)
Just finishing week 11, can't wait to get rid of the RING OF FIRE! lol
13-24 should be a walk in the park compared to the Incivek regime. I too have had this crap for 30+ years, they didn't even have a name for it when we got it!
Called it Non A, Non B. Remember that?
Well you life has just started again..........................GOD BLESS you and I will be joining you soon. I know that feeling from before, but this time our odds are much much better.
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Congratulations. Always nice to hear
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