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Second time around

Geno 2 VL 789k fibrosis 2-3.

In 2013 I under want six months of tx interferon and riba. I started with a viral load of 10 million and was undetectable at 4 weeks and remained so throughout treatment. My first test after treatment showed I relapsed with a VL of 200k. It was devastating since I responded to treatment so well and was assured  my genotype was more responsive. I was in denial and depressed for awhile.

Last week I started solvaldi and riba. We have upped the riba dose to 1200mg a day from 800mg.

I am concerned since after my last treatment I have developed  type 2 diabetes which is weird since I never  had an issue before. Also I gained 40 lbs on the last treatment. Don't ask me how. It was all belly weight.

I am hopeful and scared this time around and I appreciate everyone's stories of triumph and defeat.

Thanks for your posts!!
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Welcome to the Forum and the world of Sol/Riba.  You will find a warm welcome here, answers to you questions, and support, in general.  We have hall been/are there so we know.

first,  sorry your other treatment failed, but just put that behind you.  You can't change anything there, and stewing over it does not help the situation or you.  Next,  this protocol is very doable!  Most of us experience fatigue, but to varying degrees and some experience anemia from the Riba - but not all.  That contributes to the fatigue.

To help yourself, drink LOTS of water every day (1 oz for every lb of body weight, up to 1/2 your body weight).  Also, the Riba seems to process better if you have a little 'good' fat in the meal befor you take the pills.  Yogurt, cottage cheese, avocado, etc, fills the bill.  You will fo best if you have a meal - doesn't have to be a lot, then take your pills - less chance of nausea.  Take the pills morning and night 12 hrs apart.  If uou have trouble remembering pill times (don't we all?). Either set an alarm clock, or get a  spousme, partner, friend, etc, to help you - call, etc.  Compliance doesn't guarantee success, but it certainly can't hurt.  Since you are already F2-3, you might start trimming the salt and sugar from your diet.  Eat losts of fresh fruits, veggies, eggs, fish (well cooked, never raw), stick to white meats, look up liver friendly diet on the browser and it will give you lists of good things.  

Again, welcome to the Forum, and hang in there!  One step at a time wins this battle ---- and it IS a battle ☺.   Pat
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My story sounds like yours. Did tx cleared early post tx blood draw wham relapse start tx 11 million VL post tx 259k   Type 2 diabetes and some belly fat. 3 years later sol/rib VL 250k 12 weeks clear early und. 12 week post wham relapse again. 265k VL also in G2b. Doc says less than 10% relapse I guess I'm one if them. Will try something new when ever it comes out. Seems everything now is for g1. Good luck hope it works for you. Peace
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Hi Mel....Welcome to the Forum....on the same Tx as you. Are you on a 12 or 24 week Tx?  I'm 24 and am on wk 13. This is very doable like Pat mentioned above. The fatigue is the biggest annoyance, just being tired so pace yourself.  Not everyone has the same side effects but it's good to read all you can on the forum so you can at least be aware of potentials. I found raw fruits and veggies helped a lot and water water and more water!  Nap when you are tired, listen to your body, resting helps your body heal....You'll be fine and we are here for you.
Take care and stay strong
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Welcome Mel
I did the same Tx as you are currently starting.  Also a geno 2 and took Sovaldi and Ribavirin @ 1200mgs.  I'm 5 foot 3 and weigh 110 Lbs.  Was initially concerned as I felt 1200 mgs was a little high for my stature.  My timetable was for 12 weeks.
Was UND at 2 weeks and am now 6 months post Tx and have cleared the virus.  My viral load was 357, and Cirrhotic.  Tx naive.
Honestly felt the only concern was my Hmg.  Did go to 10.3 after starting in
the mid 13s.  Never lowered my dose, and actually my Drs suggested staying
the course unless my Hmg went into the 8s.
The Txs you've done such far are more harsh then the current combo your
on.  Didn't have much of a problem other then complete fatigue toward the
end.  The Riba stays in your system up to 6 months post EOT therefore kinda dragged for a few months later.
Felt very safe taking the drug and so happy to have it available.  Do believe
you will tolerate it well since you know what to expect.
Lets us know how your doing, as we can help you with any rough patches you may acquire.  The drugs are very doable and for me a lifesaver.
Take Care
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I was (feeling confident) Genotype 2 and treated with 1000 mg of ribavirin (based on my weight) and Sovaldi (the standard 400 mg dose) daily for 12 weeks.

At two weeks my ribavirin was reduced to 800 mg. due to anemia. The anemia was corrected though my blood counts did not bounce back to baseline till after I finished treatment (I had a 4 point Hgb drop in the first 2 weeks). Other than some tolerable shortness of breath initially (secondary to anemia) and travelling mouth sores (helped by biotene/peroxyl) and initial adjustment issues (first 2 weeks), it was pretty easy to get through.

I finished August 15th. My first UND blood draw was not till after treatment though I probably became undetected between week 8 and 12. My 4 months post blood draw was undetected. My 12 week post blood draw will be November 20 th (if undetected I am told that I am considered cured).

I have had know residual secondary issues related to treatment. I only left work early once during treatment and worked out throughout treatment, though I did modify my cardio a little bit.

As Kim says, very doable. I feel fortunate. Good Luck Mel! Jo
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Thanks south for the faith hope and progress. We have our own language and no gets it unless they go through it.
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