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Self Injecting - Is it Hard?

I just found out that when I start my treatments later this week I will have to learn to do the self injecting on my own.

I've never done anything like this and am not sure that I can (chicken little is my new name).

Has anybody had any trouble? How did you get over it? Is it hard to do?

Please let me know how I am going to do this. I'm just freaked out as it is about being worried about starting the tx and now this made me even more scared.

Thanks guys.

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get copies of EVERYTHING for your own records, every test , and bloodwork, that way you do not need to rely on them and their sketchy words! plus, when you are done and you begin to forget that hcv was part of you, they will remind you of the reality of the before and the after, and you will rejoice in reading "negative" over and over.
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Thanks to you I phoned my doctor's nurse a short while ago. I am going to ask that they fax over all my paperwork.

I think the thing that made it all sink in to me the MOST was when I saw a picture with the different Stages.  I had first been told Stage 0 and was like yipppppy (this was the hematologist not my GI) so then when I went to HIM he said Stage 2 and I was like oh no......you are kidding right.  When I looked back at that picture I could not believe what was going on inside me.

I carry that picture EVERYWHERE with me now.  That won't change in the future and trying to prevent more damage has been my life changing momenet!

I just read your other thread and there are not enough words to say WOWOWOWOW Congrats certainly isn't enough.  What a long road but my God how worth it.

I can't wait for my turn to say NEGATIVE!   :)
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If you go to the Janis7 website, one of the women jokes about being able to give injections while driving.  I don't recommend that, but in no time you'll feel like you could if you had to.  If you get really anxious, your doctor's office should be able to help you.  I have a friend who is a nurse who offered to help me.  I did ask her to give me my hep A/B vaccination injections (which are IM) in the shoulder, as it was just too awkward.  Best of luck with the injections and the treatment.

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Once you've done the first one, the shots will get easier and easier. If you have someone who can be there with you for the first time it might help. My husband always reads the instructions to me (I can say them in my sleep by now!) and he holds ice on the injection site to numb it before I put the needle in. I really don't feel it at all and, (I just did #11 last night),I've even stopped dreading it. It's now "ho, hum...is it really that time again?" You will do fine with it - your fear is the worst part and once you're past that it will stop being a "big deal". Good luck and try to stay calm - it will be ok.
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Please, please relax. You know that you will jab a needle under the skin and press the plunger. It will "sting" a bit. That is all there is to it. You will do well.

Me, on the other hand, suffering from major brain fog, trying to focus on instructions for prepping the redi-pen, took about 20 minutes to figure it out and then stab myself, and moving the needle around because I'm gripping the redi-pen way too hard, did not do so well. The syringes for me were much more convenient and easier to deal with.

So, depending on what you are using...
if the needle is short, say 8mm, just quickly pop it straight in the skin and gently press the plunger.

If the needle is longer, gently grab your skin with about a 1.5 or 2 inch gap between your thumb and forefinger and gently squeeze up a little mound of skin. You will insert the needle into the mounded area at an angle, but you won't need to shove the entire length of the needle in. Press the plunger, withdraw the needle, and release the skin.

I left out the alcohol prep'ing steps. You should get a reasonably clear drawing of doing the injection with instructions. It will quickly become routine and no big deal.

God bless!  -Michael
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are you back on tx? Is this your 2nd round?
I like the syringes a lot better, plus I could draw out ALL the liquid for a little extra push.
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