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Severe pain under Right shoulder blade with chronic, active HCV.

I am 29 yo, have had HCV since I was born (contracted it from my mother).  The GI docs always say that everything looks fine with my liver and GB, but I have a severe Sharp, aching pain under my right shoulder blade.  I also have horrible diarrhea, nausea, and fatigue.  My Aunt died in Feb with colon and liver CA.  I feel so bad, and I'm an RN and mother of 3.  I need to know what this is and to make it go away.  Do you think that I might have liver CA, and they r just not paying attention to me because of my age?  Thx.  Hillanator.
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gall bladder can cause "referred" pain under the right shoulder blade. i would look at that before liver cancer. good luck
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"I need to know what this is and to make it go away".

We can't diagnose you over the Internet. We aren't doctors here. Only a doctor can diagnose you. With all the symptoms you are experiencing it shouldn't be too difficult to diagnose the problem especially if your symptoms are chronic.

Self diagnoses is also not a good way to handle health issues. If "they" aren't helping you, find someone who will help you. You are a RN and know how the system works, so you have an advantage over most people. Perhaps you know other RNs that work for experienced caring doctors?

Why haven't you treated you hepatitis C?

I am not sure why you associate HCV with cancer? Colon cancer typically spreads from the colon to the liver. This is not liver cancer (HCC), which develops in the liver itself after extensive liver damage has been done. By HCC or many other ways. It usually only occurs if the patient has cirrhosis of the liver. What stage is your fibrosis?

"The GI docs always say that everything looks fine with my liver and GB". You must have some latest blood and imaging results, correct?. Take them to another doctor and get a second opinion.

Is the pain constant or does it come in waves?

As I said, no one can diagnose liver cancer over the Internet. Some basic facts.

* Liver pain is felt in the upper-right quadrant, usually underneath the rib cage. Not under the right shoulder blade. The pain can be sharp, but usually is felt as a dull ache.
* The symptoms for liver disease are bloating, abdominal pain, fever, extreme weight loss, decreased appetite and nausea.
* As I said before, you would need to have cirrhosis of the liver (stage 4) first to have a likely chance of HCC (liver cancer). If you had a recent biopsy or imaging they would show that you have cirrhosis. If this were the case I am sure your doctor(s) would have mentioned this as it is a serious, potentially fatal condition.
* There are no symptoms of liver disease until the cancer reaches stage 4. Meaning any imaging test (ultrasound, CT or MRI) would show large or multiple tumors.
* Liver cancer pain is in the abdomen, not under the right shoulder blade.

Bottom line:
Stop worrying about it and take action. Find a doctor whom you trust. The sooner you do this the sooner you will feel better.

Best of luck to you!
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