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Sewing Needle ***** and Hep C

I was sewing a few days ago with my aunt who is Hep C positive. While sewing she pricked her finger. We both returned our needles with the thread on to the needle holder. Yesterday I sewed again, three days had passed since the original sewing incident. Not thinking I pulled out one of the needles that still had thread attached. While sewing I pricked my finger and drew blood. Remembering the original needle ***** with my aunt I immediately washed the wound with warm water and soap. I then threw both needles away. I guess my question is what are the chances that I have contracted the virus? I am not sure what stage her Hep C is in. Should I be getting tested?


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Hep C is spread from blood to blood and can live for up to 4 days outside the body.
You didn't need to throw away the needles. Cleaning them and putting them aside for 4 days would have been sufficient.
What stage she in in is not relevant.

You're chances of having contracted the virus sound very slim.
To be on the safe side you could get tested.
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If someone pricks themselves with a needle that someone else with HCV has already pricked themselves with the same needle ......

Yes ..get tested

What I also found  interesting was that  not too many guys I know sew with their aunts..
Very nice...

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Hi I am not a specialist however I would assume that your Aunt would have cleaned the needle before she put it back.  Even if she did not I doubt the virus can live that long.  If my experience, when you cut yourself, it doesn't start to bleed until after the needle is removed, just a thought as I have to check my sugar level every day and my finger doe not bleed until after sticking it with the lancet
Good luck to you
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