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Sex and HEP C

I was just discovered I have HEP C and have not spoken to anyone!! Hubby wants to have SEX and Im scared!!! I dont want to tell to use a condom he is going to question that!! OMG!! Im soooooooooooooo lost right now!! NEW TO ALL THIS!!
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Get informed !

Hep C is not an STD. It is spread via blood to blood contact not from saliva or sperm.
It lives in the blood but can, over time, damage the liver.
Because of that anyone with hep C should immediately stop drinking alcohol.

People can have it for years~decades without knowing it.
And not only drug users get it.

And unless you got it within the last 6 months, you probably won't have any symptoms.
Flu like symptoms probably mean you have the flu.
Your husband should get tested.
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Not to state the obvious, but hiding HepC from your husband is not a wise move. If you've just found out, you'd better have a talk with him, and as orphaned said, have him get tested.

I've been with my wife for 35 years and she is negative. It's not readily spread via sexual activity and odds are he is fine. But it's his right to know and you may find yourself in a very difficult position if (when) he finds out.
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I totally agree with Virt. When your husband finds out that you hid the virus from him, he will feel betrayed. And, if he does "catch" it from you, which is unlikely, you may be held liable. Put yourself in his shoes. How would you feel if it was your husband with the virus and he did not give you the choice whether to use condoms or not. You would not be happy. I have had hep C for over 40 years and my husband does not have it with no barrier protection ever used. The CDC does not recommend barrier protection in long term monogamous couples. But it isn't fair not to tell him.
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I found out I had HEPC 2 1/2 years ago, had it since the 70s, have been married since 1984, husband never got it, it is hard to get unless you engage in risky sexual behavior, and even hard that way. It truly is blood to blood, really blood vein to blood vein. It is very hard to get for a normal person. Do be honest with him, and try to get treatment as soon as possible.
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Thank you everyone I'm in the process of tht now I go back to dr Wednesday I spoke to my husband as well I will fight thank you again
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How does everyone say it's hard to get  and then it seems in the very next
Breath that you can get it if a minutes amount of blood is involved some say it can be transmitted sexually what is the deal
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The ods of sexual transmission while very low there is a very small risk which is greater for persons who engage in rough sexual practices where blood exchange is possible.  Also if one partner has HIV along with HCV there is an increased rish of transmission.

However for long term monogamous couples the risk is considered to be so low the CDC does not recommend the use of barrier protection for such couples. If fact many people here can attest that while they may have been infected with hep c for many years there spouse does not have hep c.

even health care workers who have had an accidental needle stick involving a patient know to be infected with hep c the risk is about 2% possibility of becoming infected.

Hep c is not easily transmitted.
Lynn, great answer!! Sorry just stumbled across this, new forum :)
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Glad to hear you spoke with your husband I am sure that lifts a burden for you.

Keep in touch and let us know if you have any more questions

Best of luck to you ;-)
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Sexual Transmission can be made vaery unlikely:  



News of Diagnosis:  Don't be that scared.  Odds are overhwelmingly high (95% - 99%) that you are live your whole life and die of something else, per CDC's own numbers, even if you didn't treat.  You need not RUSH to treatment.  Let them keep researching and let others experiment first.  All these drugs (even the ones they claim are safe - just like the ones that they used to say were safe) are very powerful and will take a toll on your body.  
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WIth the right medicine you can be cured of this.
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