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Should I be concerned?

I am actively dating a woman with Hepatitis C. We hardly talk about her disease because it brings her discomfort and a sad reminder of her past. So most of my knowledge of the disease is limited to google readings and such. So many times (and this is the unhealthiest part of the relationship on my end), I am concerned about things that may or may not be a risk of infection.
So last night 2 instances happened that gave me great cause for concern:
1) I had a huge work project to complete yesterday and under stress, I tend to overstress and start chain smoking (taking small but several cigarette hits). She was also smoking by my side and I was using her lighter. Once finished with the project and on my way to bed, I noticed that the skin under the thumb finger had a blister (because of the repeated use of the lighter) and even had very tiny traces of my blood that seemed dry under the skin.
This has absolutely freaked me out and I wonder if I had any risk of transmission if some of her blood was also present on the lighter.
2) She had a small but active cold sore on her upper lip and she made me a soup, took a small sip to taste it and immediately fed it to me and it was so hot it burned my lip and tongue.
Now I am sitting here wondering if any or both instances presented any real risk of infection.
Thanks for your responses.
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NO risk, I feel for your girlfriend all the way around. I wish her luck...
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Let me just say that my husband has had Hep C since 1979 when he received blood transfusions for bleeding ulcers. We did not find out he had Hep C until 2010. We had a monogamous relationship for all of those years (31 years) and we used no special precautions for anything since we did not  know he had the virus.

I have been tested twice for Hep C. Both tests came back negative.

I really don't think you have ANYTHING to worry about based on your descriptions. Truly, I am not judging or trying to insult you, but I think if you plan on sticking with your girlfriend you need  to educate yourself  a little more on Hep C.  She needs your support not your fear.

Best of luck to you both.

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I just found out last fall that I had hepc, probably have had it for 33+  years, got it from an old boyfriend, IV drug play in the 70s. Since then, I got married, and my husband of 30 years has never gotten it, has been a blood donor for years, nor my daughter. I think you are probably safe.
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No risk for hep c at all!  I'd be more worried about the cold sore if she were my girlfriend.

If you married this girl and had a bunch of kids the chances of you getting hep c from her would be far less than 1%.  You could bring this chance down to 0 if you never share toothbrushes, razors, tweezers etc.  There may also be a very small chance of spreading the virus through unprotected anal sex.  But I wouldn't worry about it.

I'd be way more worried about the cold sore.  That's herpes bro.
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I think you know the answer to this stuff by the few posts you have made. You seem to get into predicaments and then want to know if there is a chance of infection. If you are so worried you should not want to be around what you think are risky things. I am like Nan we need support and people to be educated not worried about their involvement with us. I do not think anyone with hep would put you in a risky postion unless they have a drug problem and do not care. Some of us had to learn the hard way, you have a chance to get educated before that happens.
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