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Sick of feeling sick...

I don't know all of the shortcut words I have seen posted on here so please forgive me if I don't use them. I finished therapy Oct 2012 after 28 weeks...they say I'm cured and I'm thankful for that.  When do the body aches go away and the memory and focus come back?  It hurts to walk and so many days I feel worse than I did before therapy.   I am 48 yo woman with geno type 1a which I got after a blood transfusion in 1989.
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If not done so yet I would ask my doc for lab order for a full thyroid panel, all the D and B vitamins plus the usual CBC with diff and CMP, hang onto it till I have one of my worse days and have it drawn then... Quest Diagnostics will accept lab orders up to one month old. Also, if body aches continue you might want to see a rheumatologist, peg is noted to create various immunological syndromes... but unfortunately the doctors who seem to concur on this are research types, not the ones we see.

I'm 6 months post tx and off my pre tx game a bit- I would give it a ballpark figure as a 10-20% drop day to day (fog/fatigue). I had bad pain the first few weeks after treatment following exercise... abstained for awhile and then gradually throttled up. Now exercise helps me overall with energy and doubling my coffee intake improves the 'fog'. I was at f-3(+?) and having daily liver area discomfort the last 6 months before tx and though I hope my current condition improves someday down the road, I know I'm a lot better off today than before tx.. and now with a (though somewhat blunted) future. Hope you find a solution and /or level of acceptable condition also. Good luck.
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  I began to feel less achey when I cleaned my diet up quite a bit. My husband bought me a Vitamix, and I have been blending a bit of ruit with plain yogurt, and then adding whole flax-seeds, chia seeds, sun-flower seeds, and sesame seeds, I feel like a bird, but it helped with the joint pain, and it helps to keep me regular.  Also, foods that are antioxidants should be good, I try to stick with organic food. If I slip up, and eat junk-food,  the aches come back. I try to ride my bike and walk, which also helped me to gain my energy back, and helped me circulate, etc
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Hey there, I know how you feel.  It is a long road to recovery from the treatment (tx) and everyone tries something different.
If you can't walk well you could try yoga or even some gentle stretching.  I have to do that when I get up in the morning.  I also had aches and pains and tried to up my calcium magnesium potassium zinc.  Just to try to help myself.  I have also heard that omega 3 oils are good.  I take those as well.  I think our bodies went through hell and back, some are better in 3 months, some 6, I was 12
I had the brain fog and tried NADH, it worked for me and for some others on here.  I am sure others will answer.
I wish you luck.
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