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Side effects of pegintron/ribavirin

I am about to start a 48-week course of treatment for Hep C at the National Institutes of Health in Washington, DC.  I would like to hear from people on this treatment regarding side effects.  How severe and persistent are the flu-like symptoms?  Depression?  Irritability?  For the impacts on mental and psychological well being, is there anything that I can do to minimize them, such as regular massage therapy?  I will be happy to share my experience with this treatment over the coming year.  I can be reached at ***@****   Thanks
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I am 52 years old and I started treatment for hepatis C in January 2007.  During the first 4 weeks, I had flue like symptoms, more fatigue, loss of appetite and lost weight. I also had to be put on procrit shots every week because my ANA was affected. I was sick through out my hole treatment and had to be taken off my medicine twice for a period of 2 weeks each time and eventually taken off my medicine at 38 weeks due to problems from it.  I lost my hair and a total of 32 pounds.  I lost hearing in my right ear, I now have sytemic lupus, and arthritis from my medicine. If all these things had been explained to me better by my doctor, I would have never taken this medicine.  Please do alot of research on this before taking it as I now have found out that this medicine is not as effective as I was told and that side effects don't always go away after treatment stops.  Therpy doesn't ever improve your quality of life and makes your life terrible while on this medicine.
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Treatment is not a picnic, nor is it a bad county song that comes to life.  I treated twice, but both times recovered from the assault of the meds. People react differently and recover, or not, differently and have varying outcomes. You just don't know.  I would disagree that therapy did not improve the quality of my life.  There are some deep-down things I  learned about myself and, assuming a good eventual final result, changes my future horizon significantly.  But, the meds do suck.
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I am starting the Vertex trial in May 2008 man I read these posts and get the chills, hope it is better than you guys had it.
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I did the pegintron/riba for 48 weeks. then the infergen/riba for 48 weeks. Its tough. no way around it. the 1 thing that got me through all of it was a GOOD friend to try to understand what I was going through. to hold my hand so to speak. You will find many good friends HERE.
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I was on treatment for 72 weeks and it was hell from week one. Two years after and I am suffering so severely that I was finally declared disabled by SSID.

I was super healthy living with Hep C for 20 years and if I could take back time I would NEVER treat (knowing what I know now).

I am cured of Hep C but will probably never recover from treatment.

good luck,
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Treatment sucks from the git go. Example: Shots, I found that shooting in my stomach was the least painful, 2 days after I would have a huge red round rash during the rest of the week and the spot was hot like it was running a fever. After many shots I started getting hard knots or lumps in my abdomen. It would turn purple after a few days and then it was time for another shot, I had a complet lumped swollen abdomen and yes I would get the flu like 4 days after the shot and it lasted 2 days to the T..My skin turned to leather with bumps all over me, rashes broke out in many places, Sores on my tongue and nasua. Constant headaces, Unable to sleep more than 2 or 3 hours at a time. As months went on I became more and more unstable, weird thoughts running thru your mind, night terrors, ringing in the ears, all my joints were hurting so bad it mimicked RA, and I still have achy joints. All the hair fell off my arms and legs, Lots fell out on top also where it was see thru to my scalp, growing back a bit now. I'm diabetic now and have high blood pressure probably as a result of the 60lbs I put on without any reason. My eyes burned and hurt terribly, Blurred vision sometimes so bad I couldn't see.. Had dry mouth so bad I'd drink a couple of gallons of soft drinks a day and water..Made my teeth hurt for no reason..My hair all over took on a different texture, was course and thick now its soft and light. I lived with this they say for probably 20 years and I was healthy as a horse. After discovering this and going through this treatment I may have gotten rid of the h-c but I have more problems now than ever, I feel like a 90 year old man that got hit by a garbage truck, even though I just turned 41..If your going for it, then welcome to our hell! I hope you do better than we have.

god bless you..
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