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Side effects

I just attended a course on the triple treatment that includes Victrelis. The PA who ran the course said that I wasn't likely to develope any new side affect with Victrelis but that it is likely to intensify the side effects I am having with just the Interferon & Ribavirin. Do you all fing this to be mostly accurate?
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I am not sure if I understood well, what you said. Are you currently on treatment? What are your blood results, etc. Lots of paramaters important!
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Yes,I am in the 3rd week of tx. The PA who ran the class today said that I was not likely to have any new side affects with the Victrelis. I have not had any blood work done since I began tx. I will have lab done later this month.
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Good luck to you Jammie, and keep us posted about your health condition. You will learn a lot here!
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Jammie- I add Vic on the 20th and my Hepatologist said basically the same thing....that I probobaly won't experience any new side effects, but that I will be more tired and possibly have a bad taste from the medicine. I have been very lucky with the SE...nothing too major so far....slight fever..not as hungry, but that is about it...oh and tired~

Good luck!
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I have found that to be true, except that the anemia has come on much faster than it did the first time I treated.  I think this is a biggie and you need to be watchful.  If you start dragging and run out of steam early in the day, you need to ask  your doctor for a CBC if he still only has you on monthly CBCs.  Other than that, I didn't develop any new sx when I added the VIC.  It is a royal pain to take these pills 3x a day.  Pick your times when you are willing to eat a few bites of food.

Good luck on your lead-in PCR next week and welcome to the forum

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I am on my 6th week of vic. Very tiredbut no stomach issues. I think the sides with vic are much easier thsb inc. you will be.ok
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