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Side pains

Last month the wife and I gave blood at a local sheriffs station blood drive..I got a letter stating I had HEPC...We called them and had my wifes checked out as well. She is ok thank god. We have since did the blood check for the virus count I guess, I'd did take me a few weeks as I was putting it off..I'm scared of anything having to do with hospitals..except for my children being born and grandchildren.

They say I have a high virus count and that he's setting me up with a specialist. I consult Monday and will have a sonogram for my liver done as well.

My question is this, I'm having some slight pain in my mid section right side, I seem a little short of breath. Is this my liver acting up? I'm so scared right now...I'm not scared of anything ......but thats pretty much changed.  Help
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I guess I posted this in the wrong forum...a newbie mistake I guess. I'll repost it in the other forum.
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you posted in the right forum. yes URQ (upper right quadrent) pain can be associated with hepatitis. did you have this pain before you found out you had hep c? i was fine except for some minor joint pain & fatigue. LOL, once i found out i had hcv i started having all kind of symptoms. not saying with you but with me alot was in my head. make sure the specialist you are sent to is a "hepatologist". good luck
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Thanks for the reply copyman, and yea...I do remember having this pain before I found out and took it as a sore muscle inside. I also noticed that I can't focus on close objects anymore and also fatigue like you mentioned. Our doctor is setting me up with a hepatologist as well. This looks like it's going to be a crazy ride from here on out, I guess I'm just depressed because of it....

Again, thanks for the reply
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It could be gallstones (assuming you still have your gallbladder). Gallstones are especially prevalent amongst those who have had a longstanding HCV infection. The pain you describe could easily be attributed to gallstones, I have them and I had sensations just like you describe and much worse at times). If you haven't already have yourself checked out. They usually check for them using an ultrasound. You can also get a feel for the likelihood of it being gallstones if you get the pain after eating a greasy meal high in fat. Good luck, and sorry to have to welcome you to our club.
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just keeppositive u will be fine and learn all u can, trust me from experience the more u learnthe better u will be.Its not a death sentence, its a change of habits we do.. may GOD BLESS YOU.
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I also was wondering what to attribute all my aches and pains to. I have joint pain in the AM and any time I don't move for more than 30 min. at a time. My doc found RA factor in my blood but when I went to a Rheumetologist he said it was the Hep C. My memory is terrible and I am not able to do the physical activities I used to, because I just can't get up and run like I did 1 year ago. I thought it was Menopause but it seems to be getting worse and I'm nearing the end of Menopause. My vision is also getting worse every day.
My question is did you all have brain fog, vision problems and stiff joints before TX? Or was it brought on by TX, or does it just exacerbate it?
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Awww MannyC dont be depressed...you have come to the right place here, the people here are GREAT people. I feel so lucky to have found them. I was depressed like you when i found out, but the more ya learn about it the better you feel. Sometimes i still dont understand what they type here but at least i know im not alone lol....im from the south so im a little slow lol ; ) I wish you all the best, and its nice to kinda meet ya, im Jody and welcome.
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Thanks everyone for the feedback and welcomes....I will be me informed on my situation Monday and will update then.

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I was just diagnosed this year and have not started tx yet.  I have joint pain, brain fog, URQ, and vision problems. So no all these symptoms are not brought on by the tx, but they could be made worse by the tx. Who knows? Some of these problems I had before I contracted HCV. Just remember not to let it rent too much space in your head, as I sometimes tend to do.
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I was having URQ pains for years. About the last 6 months thay were pretty strong pains. After I started treatment, they went away.
Come back often to share what you are going through. This forum is very helpful.
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Well I went to my consultation yesterday....I thought it was supposed to be a Hepatologist, but turned out to be a Gasterologist or whatever there called. He said he wanted to do more bloodwork...HIV test, I told him the bloodbank ruled that out but he wants to do it again. And also a sonogram.  

I'm going to talk with my doctor and request he send me to a Hepatologist....I figured the guy I seen yesterday was just to do the sonogram. He said he was going to be treating my HEPC....so I need to get this sorted soon...
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Since you are a Chargers Fan - I thought it might be important to let you know about one of the best doctors in the world is located in your neck of the woods: Paul J. Pockros, MD.

Go to the link below....

Best Wishes
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and ultra sound on me was read normal when in reality I was in stage 3/4

get a biopsy, not having knowledhe of what's going on can cause more pain and shortness of breath.

so can the disease.

You can ask the doc for some Ativan for this, it will help settle those episodes but use judiciously.

I had an increase in pain between the time of diagnosis and biopsy. It's the NOT knowing that causes some of it.

the inflammation of the liver, and spleen, also an effect of HEP C can cause pressure in the area, and cut off part of the esophafus, or swell it, and put pressure on the lower rib cage and diaphram, so you must learn to burp up all air, try to relac, avoid stress, lay down for pain.

But's it's the not knowing that exasserbates all of this, so stop resisting a little help when you need it. Ativan is like a mild valium. I use it 3 or so times a month, when it gets to be too much pressure and feel conscriction. there;s nothing worse than feelong like you can't catch your breathe.

I hope you'll feel better when you at least know exactly what you are dealing with, and what to do about it.  Tonight I posted a butt load of answers on various threads, you may find those responses helpful as well. God be with you, and take a pill if you need it; there no shame in that.
hope that helps.
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one more thing, funny movies help, and knowing your spouse and kids are clear, priceless.
I love the history channel, but there's only so much of the worlds horrors I can take right now, cut yourself some slack. you may find that the dumb movies you really didn't have time for may be just what the doctor ordered.

tests and docs take time, be persistant, TELL them you are in a lot of pain if you are...it helps move things forward if you may be in a more advanced state, so bucking up may hurt you.

I told them exactly how long this had gone undiagnosed despite all my symptoms and got in to see a specialist in a month (it was 4 originally)  too long to wait.

you must be proactive and educate yourself, but too much readin on this forum can be ooverwhelming, take it in bite size pieces.  Learn to pray.
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I just want to emphasize again to you Manny that my ultrasound showed as normal, and 8 month later the biopsy showed stage 3/4, bridging fibrosis etc. the ultra sound gave my doc a false sense of time and security, and even though I kept insisting either my liver or gall bladder was failing,, she insisted neither was, so I wouldn't trust ultra sound, your pain may be an area already in chirrosis, since the liver will get hard spots and not go bed all at once.

The ultra sound did not say my liver was enlarged either, even though my rib pain was severe at times.
Get a biopsy as quickly as you can. The insurances always want to start with that, and I had to wait to see the hepatologist to get the dang thing ordered. But if they deny it, ask who represents them legally. that'll get their attention.
I'm really P'Od that I was put of for years by stupid doc and useless tests, don't let that be your fate.
Sooner you find out, sooner you'll breathe easier. Deal, treat. Knowledge IS power.
hope that helps/
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Thanks so much merryBe, I have been pretty lax on this as I havent even made an appointment yet for more bloodwork...I'll do that as soon as I get home. Appreciate the words of wisdom and the push to "Git r done"
Thank you,
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you're welcome....it's a stitch in time saves nine Manny. You'll be fine, it's more the dread of the unknown than the actual doing that bothers most of us. It helps to get the right info though. Good luck and keep us informed as to how it's going!!

also, it's not a for sure fatal thing at all now.
other than, life is fatal ya know, we've all get this fatal thing, called life. at some point...
this disease is now 50-90 percent success rate. It would be higher, but my clinic said quite a few drop out, or refuse to take the amount of meds given.
that's like going into battle and refusing to load your gun!!!!!
as long as you are diligent, and willing to endure some hardship, you've got a good chance to dodge a bullet here. So all the more reason to get on task.
I figure, if you were willing to donate to save someone else life, you'll be willing to make whatever sacrifice this requires. One of which is the fear itself. Fear paralyizes us all. You can't afford to go there.
glad to have helped.
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