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Six month labs...

Good Afternoon everyone, I just had the vampire take a couple of vials of my precious blood for my six month Heptimax. I haven't been on the MB for quite a while but as soon as I driving away from the lab, I thought about the board and all of you. Funny how that works, eh. It just reminds me how important it was to have you all ( and this board) in my tx process. In fact, if it wasn't for one of our friends on  board here, I probably would still be weighing the pros and cons ( thanx Deb!). I've since turned on others in tx to our board and they are happily but sometimes uncomfortably trudging though tx. Thank you for being here and giving support and info that was badly needed and please keep it going. Now, I'll pray and wait for the result. But, ya know what? Regardless of the results of the tests, I'm glad that I went through the tx and was fortunate enough to complete. Six months later and I'm no longer constantly exhausted, which I was prior to tx. I don't fall asleep in  the middle of the day while working. I feel stronger, am able to work at an increased rate and I'm actually enjoying many things which I used to dread doing. My appetite is back, back to my regular weight and my hair has it's wave back which could have been used as a straighedge at the end of my tx. So, thanx for everything guys, I'll let you know what the dice say when they stop rolling. Most of all... Keep killin' those little critters!!!     Pauly
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Thanks for the good news!  Us newbies can sure use it.  Sounds like it took you a while to get over the tx.  
Keep us posted.  SVR Forever!
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I always like to hear positive tx experiences, and I'm so glad that you are having one, I thought if you were 3 months clear, youre pretty much SVR no? anyway, really glad to hear your good news!
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PAULY!!!!!!!!!  SO GLAD TO SEE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

I feel like you.  Don't know if you know but after a real scare and a retest a month later...my 3 month labs are UND so I'm working the SVR route. Boy, have we learned patience or WHAT?

My hair which was always huge (hey NY is close to NJ!) and curly is growing back stick straight (which I always worked hard to achieve and burnt it to death with irons and stuff, so I guess I'm really glad!) is coming back now.  I had a problem after a year and a half of not tasting anything to eating EVERYTHING.  For the first time in my life I was like uh what is this...fat? So now I have to control myself..............but damn everything does taste GREAT!

People who go through treatment can appreciate little tiny things that nobody else really knows about.  THAT is a great part of the reward of treatment I think as well as you.

also - you know first hand how great and important it is to have someone to hand hold you during all this and just say It's OK to feel bad just keep GOING.

Now, your an 'old timer' i guess...funny how fast that happened didn't it?

ALL of my hopes, wishes and prayers are with you that you just keep getting stronger every single day!

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That's great news. I'm so glad to hear how well you are doing and things getting back to normal now. Congratulations!
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Glad you stopped in to let us know how you are doing.  It helps us who are near ending TX.  Good luck on the PCR
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Very Big CONGRADULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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