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Skin Problems

I was successfully treated for HepC 4 years ago, having undergone the interferon/riboviron for 12 months and was wondering if anyone else has suffered severe skin problems.  Mostly on my legs, I now have scars and discoloration due to vasculitis and sores developed before and during treatment.  It's very unsightly and as the warm weather comes, I dread having to show them.

I know this may sound trivial, considering my HepC was eradicated, but I have had and continue to have serious emotional issues dealing with the skin issues (and others that the treatment brought on).

Sorry to ramble......

I know I should consider myself one of the lucky ones...and yet......I don't think I'll ever truly get over the emotional pain and suffering my bout with HepC and it's treatment caused.

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Well I haven't had the vascilitis but I can totally relate to the scarring. I have HUGE half dollar size bruise looking rash bumps (that grew from itching and getting infected) all over the place. Whenever I forget for even a DAY to put on my loitions bam there they are.  Of course I'm not an "adult" so I scratch scratch scratch just like a little kid with chickenpox and voila........horrible scars.

I can't imagine between being emaciated, hair falling out and all the scars from before I discovered how much moisturizing helps what I'm going to look like this summer but since I doubt I'll be in the sun much from the Interferon.....it surely isn't going to be much of a bikini year.  I can relate at how upsetting it is to look this gross.

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Your're a lucky girl. Hep free!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are a bunch of us here who wish we could make that statement 4 years after treatment. I'm a guy so I don't see things from a woman's prospective as far as appearances. I hope you're able to work through it and a find resolution. Happy wellness! Dale
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Like I said, at times I feel very shallow, having survived the treatment.  For the first year, I was grateful just to be able to walk again (I'd lost nearly 100 lbs and was unable to do much of anything for most of the treatment) but as time has gone by, I realize how much the illness AND treatment took from me.  I had no idea what the internet was back then and spent most of the year alone and scared.  I wish I'd known such groups were around and available.

Whining aside.....I pray for each and every one of us that have or have had this horrible disease and hope that one day it can be eradicated.

God Bless!
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If the newer lasers can remove tatoos, I'm sure they can help with treament scars. And hopefully, if you can document this as a side effect of Hep C treatment, you'll be able to get your insurance to pay. Otherwise, lasers are usually considered "cosmetic" treatment.

-- Jim
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Yes, our two tx scenarios (and tx profiles) are quite different and don't correlate re-treatment scenarios.

I've done quite a bit or research/posting and several calls to doctors today regarding future re-treatment, and the consensus so far suggests await at least 6-months. Some even favored waiting up to two years if needed for the protease inhibitors pending re-biopsy results.

So, if I'm not going to re-treat right away, then the pressure is off for any immediate decision making.  Regarding when to take the post-tx PCR, I'll see. If I feel the need to know earlier, then I'll do it earlier. If not, later. I've got the lab forms at home, all I have to do is show up.

SVR or not, I am simply so happy to have a respite from these drugs. Definitely feeling better today. You mentioned how well you felt for a few weeks. Hopefully, that will act as a motivating force to remind you how well you'll feel when this round is successfully over.

-- Jim
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I am not a goat. Are too, Am not, Are too. Do as your hubby says. You know us men are always right. GEEZ
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This may sound very strange but here is what I do when plagued with the goat.

One wide rimmed glass of whole milk.  One package of regular graham crackers.  Take one half cracker, crack in half.  Hold gently in thumb and forefinger and heartily dip in milk.  Place on tongue and , well, you get it.  Now the trick is to hold it there just long enough.  Too long and you will have to drink it.  

Anyway, seems to do the trick for me most of the time.  Enjoy!

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when you said.....I hope things work themselves out for you!

Do you mean like when you have to set there and wiggle and shake back and forth till you here that plop? Then you say oh what a relief that is?
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That's essentially it. However my technique of late calls for leaning forward until the load is positioned in the chute, then a slow backward extension, gradually returning to the upright position as the load is ejected. That's the painful part, BTW.
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Sounds like you got it down pat. What i hate is when you get one of those hanging chads. No matter how hard you shake or jump up and down it just wants to hang there. Any advice on that?
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Problems with the will knots, huh? Not to worry. Just pull up your boxers, head to bed in your dark socks and hope to get lucky. See discussion with Walley a few threads up.
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OK, it seems like everyone has skin issues.  JmJm assured us the respiratory stuff is normal (ugh, I hate the eye drops and the nose drops!!), but I seem to be real dry somewheres else.  Does the tern nanny berry mean anything?  Well, thats the term for goat droppings.  Small, (SMALL!!) round, hard (HARD), dainty little droppings.  Problem is, I am not a goat.  How can this be an issue with 6 liters of water a day, grape juice (hey, my mouth is better, thanks for those tips), the only food that tastes good is ice cream and cereal, and woman can not live by ice cream alone...so what is on the approved list?  My hubby says prune juice, so I guess I can give it a try... other suggestions?

the whale hemmies and chapstick have taken on a whole new meaning.....
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