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Skin abrasions taking a long time to heal

I am on 5th week of tx and one night my foot was itching like crazy. I scratched it (not to the point of bleeding)and caused a slight cut in foot. That was two weeks ago..it still itches a little. It's an open cut...should i be concerned?
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Hey Lady.  Two weeks, huh?  Well... it's not unusual with Hep C or for someone on treatment for wounds to take longer to heal.  I don't know that it's necessarily reason for concern UNLESS it gets infected.   If the open cut area gets redder around the edges, or it gets hot feeling to the touch, or if it starts oozing or draining, then - it might be infected and you might need to show it to your doc.  If it were me, I'd probably keep it covered for now and make sure I keep my hands off it.  I'd wash it good with hot soapy water, maybe put a little of Neosporin on it, cover it with a bandaid, and just watch it.  And if it gets worse, I'd ask the doc.   Don't scratch it! :)  Best of luck.
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That's all part of the drugs... I keep a supply of SuperGlue handy for the tiny, painful, annoying cuts on my hands.  It works wonders, believe me!  And, of course, neosporin for the flare-ups.

Keep your skin well hydrated; Aveeno Anti-Itch helps.  And shorter, not-so-hot showers.  If you're addicted to two long hots a day (like I am/was), this may be brutal, but it's well worth the effort!  I was sooo itchy I wanted to crawl out of my skin; since I cooled it in the shower dept, I'm way better.  Interferon really dries you out.

Good luck!
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slow healing of cuts could be sign of diabetes, i would have checked ot by your physician, RN, heptologiist who every follows you at your next appt.
good luck
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i also get a frequent what feels like paper cuts on my fingers that are annoying. how do you use superglue to seal them? can you describe step by step for me?? thanks.
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i am just guessing that it is not superglue. but a product that is sold in the first-aid section. which has similar properties to superglue.  though i could be wrong.  i have seen doc's use a "superglue product' in the ER to glue in stead of suture certain cuts.
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I have trouble with minor cuts looking like I got hit with a runaway chain saw. Rose is right about diabetes and slow healing wounds, but our immune system is compromised by these drugs, and healing is slower also.
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