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Skin issues on the face and around eyes

Someone posted a while back about having problems with the skin cracking around their eyes as if their tears were burning the skin - but I can't remember who that was.  I'm posting this in case the following information might help that person or others who are having similar issues.

I started to have the same problems on my face and around my eyes (I'm on week 24 of 48) and, in fact, I have red circles around my eyes that burn, itch and peel and it seems to be from my tears that leak from my eyes at night and I get little cracks at the corner of my eyes that hurt something awful.  It seems that no matter what type of lotion or ointment I used it would burn worse, until I tried A&D ointment which seemed to help somewhat.  

I had an appointment with a Dermatologist today for my yearly skin cancer scan so I asked him for suggestions of what to use on the face and around the eyes and he suggested over the counter Aquaphor which is a Eucerin product.  He said it's excellent for specific areas on the face and round the eyes because it's more of an ointment rather than a lotion or cream.

So, if anyone else is having this side effect from treatment...try Aquaphor for around the eyes and facial areas.  If that doesn't work, try plain old A&D ointment because I have had some luck with that too.

As of now, I think I could start an "ointment/lotion/cream" store with all of the stuff I've purchased for my skin issues while on treatment, many of which were not helpful.  I have tons of stuff that I'll have to try to pawn off on my hubby for his normal winter dry skin...lol.  I'm always thankful when I find something that actually works and doesn't include a steroid or prescription of some kind.

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I've had some similar symptoms. I got a  rash under my arms before I started treatment. This is something that has happened before and I'll attribute it to wrong brand of antiperspirant. This time it is not clearing up in a timely manner because I began treatment a few days after it showed up. I do #4 tomorrow. I have itching around my nose and on my eyelids.  I do use tretinoin to try to ward off the signs of aging, and that could be making my symptoms worse. It does tend to be drying.  My left foot cracked in two places the other day and it is  quite painful. I am wondering if they still make Crack Cream.  The eczema that I have always had on my hands is now raging. I like Gold Bond lotion Extra Strength for itching on the body.  I would not put it near my eyes. It has Eucalyptus or something of the sort in it. I think moisturizing is the best therapy for itching except in the case of my eczema. I'll stick to the prescription for that.
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I am wondering if they still make Crack Cream

Yes, I've seen Crack Cream recently in stores.

There's a cream that was recommended for me and I've found it to be very helpful.  I could only find it in the hospital pharmacy, however.  It's called CeraVe, and it provides moisturizing as well as barrier protection.  It's hypoallergenic, unscented, and safe enough to use on babies.  My PA said she used it for her baby's eczema.  When I get really dry and itchy, I use it all over, it is very soothing.
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Thanks!  I have used one of those barrier protection items before. Can't think of the name of it. I think it was an over-the-counter eczema cream.  That sort of thing helps big time. My particular type of eczema is most likely from frequent hand washing. The nurse practitioner that originally diagnosed it and prescribed for it said she gets it, too.  Of course, health care folks probably wash at least as often as I do.  I used tons of body butter especially in winter, even before the treatment.
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