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Skin outbreak due to Hep C?

Patient all of a sudden has large, red break out spots on his face which he has never had before. He has recently quit drinking and using chew in an effort to prepare for treatment. This is the only change. Has anyone else experienced skin problems with Hep C? He is type 1. Also has chronic headaches, nausea and vomiting but don't think those are related to the Hep C but due to a concussion. He is miserable. Thanks
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What junk do they have him on?  If he is on Peg Interferon with Ribatol pills, then yes that is one of the symtoms of this non FDA approved medcine.

The chronic headaches and nausea is probably the stress of the knowing of being diagnosed with Hep C.  Because with this, he is now will be looked at as a drug addict, HIV, person.  I was neither one of those, I got mine over 30 years previously from yeah bad unclean needle at a clinic in 1968.

I was told that I had to have the longest treatment, 48 weeks, of hell.  With that I had to visit the dermatologist because of massive breakouts to the point of sores.  Looked like leperacy, I was so distressed.  It will go away but he will need an ointment.
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Hi there! I think it depends on what kind of breakouts these are. I don't think of regular zit- type outbreaks as being particularly associated with Hepatitis C, though they are absolutely associated with stress, so it could be a round-about effect. If they are painless red spots that disappear with pressure and then reappear a few seconds later, they could be the result of broken blood capillaries near the surface of the skin. These don't cause any additional problems but are more like an indicator of liver problems. It is also very common to develop skin problems, both rashes and zits, when on treatments for HCV. If you are already having skin problems before treating then you should definitely see a good dermatologist before starting, as tx is likely to make those problems much worse. In some cases a really serious skin reaction starts up and people have to stop treatment, so try to get a good handle on it in advance.
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definitely follow through with dermatologist after tx.  I had bad rashes the entire time, and Most went away rapidly.  Not all, though...squamous cell CA.  Very common amongst those with hCV long term.  don't panic, just check, as we all should anyway.  I keep it in check with cryo before little spots turn into CA, and flouroucil cream tx.  Cut out anything that comes up positive.
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