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Snook,,,,Voice from Texas

Snook,,,I think its great that someone your age is involving themselves in these issues that face our nation. The apathy in your age group is far to prevelant.  However some of your info sounds like talk radio.  I actually live in the state of texas and I can tell you that our state is suffering from 4 yrs of bush administration.  After his cut in funding,,,our education system is now ranked in bottom 20 states for graduating students.  The cost of healthcare in texas is still on the rise even though he passed tort reform,,,,we are still waiting on it.  The city of houston is now ranked #1 in air pollution.  We have Mr Bush to thank for that as he relaxed the pollution control laws.

Another thing I laugh at,,,,the year 2000, he ran as a uniter not a divider.  The country is more partisan then it has ever been before and the same is specially  true in texas.  As for Kerry being a coward...Where was George W Bush in the Vietnam war? Hmmmm Hiding behind Daddy's purse strings??? We still have not seen any records of his air national guard service but we see John Kerry with 2 silver stars, 3 purple hearts and over a year active in combat in Vietnam.  He has been there and seen it and knows what war is and knows it must be used as last alternatives.

Hey,,,just for the record,,,I am not a die hard Democrat but have always looked at both sides and the person that is running.  You might benefit from seeing Farenheit/911 as I also do listen to Rush Limbaugh ever once in awhile...
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Don't worry yourself little lady, after Bush is reelected in 04' he will have plenty of time to get Texas back on track.

First off, the cost of healthcare is on the rise everywhere, not just Texas. This stems from malpractice suits, the greed of Dr's, and pharmacutical companies. Mostly from uncontrolled settlement caps on lawsuits!! Some of these lawsuit settlements won by John Edwards.

Second, air pollution in Houston has been there for years. Texans are pretty stubborn, and haven't had zoning regulations and laws in place for years. Bunch of old Texan oil men, not allowing that to happen, So don't blame that on Bush, knock on some factory doors, or you neighborhood oil refinery!!

As far as Kerry, first purple heart was a scratch, that took a bandaid, and some peroxide. 2nd was questionable, and never got answered or confirmed. 3rd was a piece of scrap metal, more like a splinter stuck in his butt!! How did it get in his butt, you ask?? Well from hideing face down in the Bushes like an ostrich. My dislike for Kerry, has nothing to do with his service, which you are mistaken by the way, he only was accountable for 4 months in combat, not 1 year.. I can respect anyone who fights for our country, I just can not respect someone who can not make up their mind!! Did he not throw these medals away at a anti- war rally?? Then last year said that he was for war?? Which is it?? Can't figure out what the people want to hear right now, so he'll cover both sides?? BS!!

I have stated before, that I am registered as an independent. I DO listen to both sides, and have leaned on the better more honorable character. Kerry/Edwards, are just leeches, and do not deserve to be accountable for our countries funding!!

By the way, as for what you said about education, look at what we have done here in Florida..Jeb Bush, who will be running in 08' has turned our educational sytem around. We had some of the lowest scores in the nation, and with higher standards, and increased testing, scores have climbed..He placed higher mandatory requirements on teachers and students, not without protest from many, but it has worked.. Check the stats..

I am not trying to run for office, or endorse Bush in anyway.. What I am trying to do is open peoples eyes to what is happening around us. We CAN make a difference if we get off our @sses!!
Ignorance and deception is what is killing Americans, and their perception of exceptable reality. I do watch news, and listen to talk radio, Mostly fox news, sometimes CNN, but just stay informed on reality. What you find from just opening your eyes to the enviroment around you, is alot more real, and informing.. This is just my opinion as others have stated, and not the facts, so ponder on them and decide whether or not I'm a loon.Then write a letter to your Senator or Representative!!!
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By the way, I am honored to see my name as a direct inquiry for a question on the forum.. Obviously my stirring the pot is working, and inquiring minds are at work!! Fight, and do not settle for less than deserved!! That is why we live in this country, right?? Cause we have the freedom to fight for what we believe in, and the opportunity to make those beliefs a reality!!
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Way to go!  I'm with you all the way on this one.
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Debra I hope you see this. Your friend lives about 10 minutes from me. The Dr. that posted had a great resorce for you. also Baylor Hospital in Dallas also has some great programs. Does your friend qualify for medicaid?
Please ask her to make some phone calls to see if she can get some help. I can look also if you like just let me know

Its me gonagetbetr,
Also at delphi forums there is a site coffee chat that has a link to some places that offer help for free also check out Janis and Friends
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you are really starting to carry the fight ,my friend. Stir the pot for action, any action to try to get the pols off their asses(or is it assets) and do something for all the people not just to get re-elected Stand up for the rights of all in your country. If more people became motivated to respond to the pols,
something will happen for the good. ........Daryl
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donl (( ;-} ))
There is not going to be an election, the machinery is at work to try and steal yet another one.  it is deja vu all over as yogi would say.
If someone has data on how many relatives and friends of this administration are getting maimed in Iraq as they fight side by side with the not so wealthy mobilized troops, I want to know them.
If action for hcv is the intention in these rantings, why is the glorification of bush and the nullification of the dissenters always brought up?
posting the name of bills and congressperson sponsoring them and the address to write to support them is all that is needed, Not the fanning of "Master Bush".  
I tried...
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Hi!!!!! I knew it was you I always look for both names, I know you have trouble with your screen names.My friend doesn't qualify for medicaid they say she makes to much,but for her it's barely enough to make ends meet. The day after I posted she found a DR that says he will work with her and get her the free meds.Thank you for your concern for my friend.......How are you doing? I have a appt. tomorrow to have my eyes ck. I've been having some problems with them. I hope your not having a hard time of it,and I understand not needing any extra pressure while on Tx. but I hope you will come here if you need help.There are a lot of good people here. Keep me informed about your daughter and be well.
(((((Big Hug))))) Debra
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Cuteus is smart enough to stay out of it, but apparently I am not.

Look, it would help your arguments enormously if you wouldn't insult indviduals instead of arguing with their point of view. To quote a deeply philosophical movie, Mean Girls--at the end, our heroine is in a Science match with another school. She looks at the girl who is on the other side and in her head disses everything about her, from her shoes to haircut, until she realizes that no matter how this girl dressed, she could still beat her, so our heroine gets serious and starts using her brains and her knowledge of math and wins. (Ta Dah!)

The point, of course, is that I could call Bush a hypocritical draft dodger rich boy moron liar f*ck-up and it would feel good. However, to document it is worth more:
hypocritical: unfunded No Child Left Behind "compassionate conservatism", "I am not a nation builder" no one in his administration except Powell served in Vietnam, yet they attack the patriotism of actual combat vets who disagree with them.
draft dodger: no record of Air Reserve attendence
rich boy: yeah,
liar: contrary evidence presented by Richard Clarke, 9/11 Commission to name two non-partisan sources. (Clarke served every administration from Reagan to W. in counter-intelligence so he has a lot of credibility.)
f*ck-up: every business he ran before being governor, post-war management of Irag, record deficits.

Granted Bush had help, but you see my point.

You said you liked to debate. Debate me and use information. Cheesy insults are too easy to dismiss.
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What would you like to know, my friend?? I have alot of info stored up hear on the war in Iraq also, if you are looking for answers. I am young, but knowledgable and do alot of homework on topics before making comments. Imagine what the gas prices would be if we hadn't gone over there, and what other acts of terrorism would have been endured by americans before the UN approved action?? Look at how a couple camel riding extremist have effected our economy, and the way THEY have divided our country and our people!!

But lets keep it focused on what we are all battling on this forum right now, the reality that hep c is, or might be killing us.. Regardless of who gets elected, or who you or I will vote for, we are still not recieving the amount of attention and funding that HCV needs. It is election time, and now is when people listen to possible voters, and make promises!! Now is the time to write!!
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You guys have been busy while I've been writing.

John Edwards single-handedly caused malpractice insurance to rise. It's true. He admitted it.

Didja ever think that healthcare is a business and designed to "increase shareholder value?" You don't think that contributed even a little bit to rising health care costs?

Do you truly believe that Kerry got a Purple Heart from hiding face down in the bushes? Let's say for the minute it's true. Where were Bush, Chaney, Rumsfeld, and Wolfowitz while this was going on? They all declined to serve and bought their way out. So who's the coward?

As far as waffling, which is worse? 1) Making up your mind once and moving forward without taking any new facts into account or 2) looking at new information and changing your mind? Things are not as simple as a John Wayne movie. Sometimes everyone has a point.

Leeches? Again, give you the benefit of the doubt and say they are. You think W. did any leeching off of his families' money and wealthy contributors or doesn't that count.

Snook, keeping informed and looking around is the best thing we can do. I think that the system is broken, but reducing everything to an easy insult doesn't really contribute to fixing it.
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My arch nemesis, Where have you been lurking?? Where might my insults be?? If I have insulted anyone hear, I apologize, as all that I have stated are as much factual as the comments you just stated.. What are you questioning??
Bush did serve, democratic propaganda
Rich boy, yes, but what is Kerry?? Is this a fault of his own??
Liar, Did Clinton not look all Americans in the eyes on national TV, and in front of a Senate Committee where he swore an oath to tell the truth and lie to us all??What is he lying about??How many terror threats and scares do we get everyday as a nation. Most thought it was just another false alarm, but blame him, why not his advisors?? If they thought it was a REAL threat at the time, it would not have left the table. Your CIA advisor is just selling books, so keep making him rich..
Again, everyone wants to debate politics, and not what I am addressing. I am not your so called bad guy,(radical republican extremist), but a guy with a concern about my future. I do not want to die because people are as ignorant enough too believe that their is nothing they can do to change our future. Or possibly the future of someone down the road. We can debate all night, and I can give a remark for everything thrown, but will that help HCV awarness. Why avoid what is brought to the table, and what needs to be addressed right now, by all of us?? Isn't that what the democratic congress has been doing for years..Putting things off.
What I am pissed off at is that everybody seems to except what they are dealt. What happened to " United we stand", as Rev was qouting the constitution earlier?? Do we not stand together anymore, or has the middle east extremist accomplished their goal?? Focus my friend, and do something positive.
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I always thought it was an unjustified stereotype to believe that Americans really called Arabs "ragheads", and now Snook man refers to "camel riding extremists"!!! Can we have a little less racism around here?
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