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So is this treatment worth it, or really a nightmare?

I have just been reading all these views and I am starting treatments soon.  And as I read, I'm really getting scared.  Are the treatments going to be this bad, really?  I am curable and a candiatate so shouldn't I take this opportunity to get better for me and my family.  
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Being scared is normal but it is not going to change anything so try to relax. There are some here that are going through a very rough time. There are also many that had mild to moderate  side effects. Before I treated, I could read 20 positive posts to every 1 negative post, and the 1 negative was what I grasped ahold of.
I wish I could tell you everything is going to be “Smooth Sailing” but I would be lying to you. It’s different for everyone and you are not going to know until you do it.
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We all go through the fears and anxiety prior to beginning trt, so being scared is very normal.  No one can predict how you will respond to each drug since it varies so much.  The caring members here will help to address your questions and guide you through some rough times if needed.  It certainly isn't a walk in the park, but the answer to your question is a definate yes for me.  

Good luck to you as you begin.
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"So is this treatment worth it, or really a nightmare?"

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yes, it will be worth it.  i'm going on my 8th week and so far so good.  only a bit tired the day after my injection.  i'm still going to cardio classes 3 times a week and working part time.  having a family support system is important as well as your new friends here.  good luck to you and keep us in touch.  belle
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so shouldn't I take this opportunity to get better for me and my family.  
Absolutely you should...wth the success rates greatly improved ....would certainly make sense :)

Good luck  and welcome..
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It's normal to be scared I think we all were, but how are you going to get rid of it if you don't try it. I treated at the same my husband did and we got through it. It sucked but not as bad as anticipated. I am 4 years post and hubby 3 1/2 years post and we are both SVR. Think positive and you can get through it.
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To funny, yes to both!
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I'm taking my 5th shot Friday. I read n got scared too. I'm back at work teaching. I'm gonna need naps. I've had every side effect so far, but usually one at a time. I've adjusted my schedule and gotten rid of any extra responsibilities. I'm taking family n friends support. Like today I got out of a teachers meeting n I'm pooped. Naptime! All that to say that determination is key. One day at a time. And then get ON w/ life hep c free! Good luck.  Karen
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Treatment is nothing compared to the damage hepatitis can do to your liver over the long haul. I never new anyone with cirrhosis or liver cancer but I here it's not a pretty way to go. Treatment is the only option.
Good luck
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Like FLguy said: nightmare = yes = worth it

waddya waitin' for? ;-)
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I am struggling with the same fears. I have genotype 2 and just recently began working with the Hep.C clinic of a local hospital. I will not be on the new drugs as apparently, Prv and Interferon are standard and effective tx for genotype 2.
The difference as far as I can tell between myself and alot of folks here is that I already have cirrhosis so I am very fearful about what these drugs will do to what remains of my liver function. I posted about this earlier, but at the time didn't have the info. about what drugs I would be taking for treatment.
I guess the risk outweighs the damage of the constant attack by the virus on my liver.
Any advice is appreciated.
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"So is this treatment worth it, or really a nightmare?"

That kind of depends on the outcome...

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Your profile says you are stage 4.  Not only is it worth it, you really have little choice.  ESLD is much more scary than little old Hep C treatment.  Besides you have all of us to commisserate with -- and we are really good at it.

Welcome to the forum.  I will be starting soon too.  We will be by each other's side.
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keep in mind that most people posting on the internet are in need of support because they are having a hard time. There are countless others who do just fine and have no need to seek out help on the internet. You never hear from the people who don't have any problems with treatment. Ask your doctor and he will tell you that treatment is hard but most patients have no major issues.
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Nightmares end.  Worthiness is forever.
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