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Sofosbuvir FDA Approval

My question is whether anyone else saw an actual TV commercial on prime time saying the words Hepatitis C and talking about there being options now on how to treat, and that we (HepC patients) may want to reconsider treating again with the new drugs, particularly Sofosbuvir.  I almost fell off the couch!  The ad was by Gilead, the company that makes Sofosbuvir.  I want to thank all of you dragon slayers who go through the clinical trials, myself included, can't get well and just keep fighting for the right drugs to cure us.

I'm genotype 1b, infected in 1976 (tattoo), diagnosed in 1992, failed all three treatment attempts since 1995.  I now have cirrhosis.  I have an excellent doctor who wants to wait for some reason and treat me this fall.  He's the head of the Liver Center at Beth Israel Deaconess in Boston.  I see him next month.  I'm having an ultrasound at Beth Israel and then a consult with him about treatment.  I'm glad to hear these drugs aren't as difficult as that nasty Interferon and Ribavirin.

Anyway, I wanted to tell everyone I saw that commercial and I hope these drugs work for all of us.  I get very emotional because I can't believe I'm ever going to get well.  I now have a 19-month-old grandson I'm afraid I'll never get to see grow up.  I'm trying to ignore my urine getting darker and pains in my back as I stress over the fact that my mother and her father both died of kidney failure.  I have so much going against me now (health-wise) I feel pretty hopeless at times.

I'll end with this. I saw my doctor in Boston (two hours south of where I live) in December and when he mentioned treatment in September I told him about the friends I travel to Europe with in September, and he said to go on the trip and I'll get treatment when I get back.  I'm too scared.  If I can start treatment next month, why not start now?  I haven't been on any treatment for 9 years, no biopsy.  I just don't want to take a silly trip and come home and my liver decompensates.

Well, this got way longer than planned.  Good luck to all of you and I'm cheering for you here, hoping I'll be joining you in the fight in the very near future.  Your comments are very helpful.  Take care.

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Hi Chris,  Yes, I saw the same commercial and I couldn't believe my eyes and ears!  I'm from a suburb of Boston too!  I completed treatment with Victrelis, Interferon, and Ribovirin on 10/19/12 and am undetected so far.   I am suffering with quite a few lingering effects of the treatment as have some pals who treated during the same time frame.  I have been praying for a treatment to come along that did not have so many side effects and damage post-treatment.  I don't know enough about this new drug but I sure hope it is easier for folks to tolerate.  I wish you didn't have to choose between a great trip and treatment but I would probably opt for treatment.  The journey to wellness holds far more benefits than any trip!  

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My doc says there is another new med that is supposed to be available in August that appears to give better odds than this combination.  With an 80 to 90% SVR rate with Sovaldi and Olysio, I chose not to wait.   If something happened where I became uninsured.........well the risk was just too great.    Praying for SVR.
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That ad from Gilead runs in AZ all the time.  For people with 1b Sovaldi and Riba seems to be the ticket.  Later this year the FDA should approve the companion drug for Sovaldi and do away with the Riba.  Do you know what your IL28B Polymorphism is?  You could wait until later this year and do the 2 drug combo or do Sovaldi and riba now. It al depends on how your liver function is and if you can wait,
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I've seen the Gilead commercial a few times now.  I think the it's very well done and will grab the attention of a lot of us Boomers, as well as others, who've been waiting patiently on the new meds.  The market potential is staggering.

Best of luck to you.
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That damage post-treatment is what you've got to watch out for.  A couple of friends mentioned getting treated now and should be good to go for September.  Nope, I don't think so.  It took me at least a year to feel normal again after each of the three treatments I failed.  Congratulations on your UND, though!  Do you feel better?
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I'm glad you mentioned August as another possible hurdle that will be crossed.  Maybe that's what my doctor is going to do.  You troopers are the best.  You're who I turn to for support, for info, and to support others as well, though I don't do as well on the latter as I should.
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