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Someone answer me please?

I was recently diagnosed with hep c type 2 and i was very ill with a pain on my right side. The doctors
think its cronic. I had the viral load done and it is One Million Six Hundred and Eighty I was very upset, to say the least.
I stopped smoking [its been 6 weeks] I quit drinking and started juicing and using hydrogen peroxide food grade, milk thistle
and doubled vitamin c. I also take green food supplement. The pain left; the fever is gone and I feel so much better. They checked for
liver damage and fibrosis and found nothing. All is normal. I wonder has anyone cured themself of this disease?  I am determined in God all things are possible.

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Indeed with God all things are possible. There are people that clear the virus on their own, but I would suggest having another blood test to see if that is the case with you. Did you have a biopsy? I too juiced after I found out I had Hep c, and my liver enzymes have been normal, but until I started treatment I stll had a viral load. I was clear at 12 weeks, and being a geno 3 am considered a slow responder so am extending treatment to 48 weeks. Please have another PCR test to see what your viral load is now. Keep on praying, and believing that by His stripes we are healed. There is alot of great info, and people here. Wishing you all the best on your journey.
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I also was convinced the natural route was the way to go, but after being allergic to milk thislte, that quickly ended.  I don't believe you can cure yourself of the disease.  Complimentary (homeopathic) medicine is helpful, but you still need a good gastro to help you thru.  i am also type 2, beginning treatment on 11/2.  Good luck to you, consider doing both tho.
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I'm in agreement with jools.. I'm also curious about this hydrogen peroxide food grade...how are you using it?

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Hi, you sound just like me. except I was sick for a long time before they caught it. similar VRL.

symptoms of chronic inflammation as you described came and went, returned with a vengence finally. Sure take vitamin c. you will not cure this with vitamins or herbs though. Peroxide has as many bad side effects as well good, more really; it does cause free radical formation. When we think we are doing all we can, our pains can lessen. that doesn't mean the disease is gone, just that your possitive steps have calmed your mind and pain. Meanwhile the bug marches on. think termites if it helps you visulize, very small cells, destroy healthy liver tissue, which is then replaced with fibrous grisszle like stuff that can't do any liver function. If you kill the bugs in time, you may get a full return to normal. IN TIME being key words here,nuf said.
hope that helps

Let's face what really is going on. You have chronic hep c. Onlya very rare few clear this virus on their own. there are no documented cases of this happening as a result of your treatments.
if you have a mil-plus already virus cells per ml of blood, then your liver could already be pretty far along in the process. Hep C is fatal, left untreated.

ergo. 1 get insurance 2. get a hepatologist, 3, get a biopsy.4 start treatment.
Interferon give you more of the stuff your body already makes to fight this disease, ribavirin itterrupts the ability to replicate/make copies. this is the only treatment now that's proven to clear 50-90%
(depending on your genotype)
DO NOT WAIT to do this, as there's no way of knowing how long you've had it or how much damage has been done. Much liver damage can repair, but not ALL.there is a point that reversal is no longer possible.
therefore a year popping natural cures is a year playing russian roulette....in my opinion.
hope that helps/
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Just a thought......you do not want high iron in your blood when you have a damaged liver...so just a forewarning...Vitamin C is an EXCELLENT way to help the body absorb MORE iron into the blood stream....I personally would be very cautious with Vitamin C load
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Merry: Hep C is fatal, left untreated.
I certainly don't want to debate "treat or don't treat today", but the above statement is simply not true.

There are a number of articles on the natural progression (including mortality rates) of Hepatitis C, but here's one from the Clinical Care Options web site. Free registration required.

"Grappling with HCV Mortality Data"

".In summary, despite its shortcomings, this paper reminds us that not all people infected with hepatitis C will progress to end-stage liver disease. If estimates are correct that 3.9 million Americans are infected with HCV and 11,000 die annually of complications associated with that infection, then that translates to a risk of death of less than a third of a percent per year. That level of risk supports the position that, given the uncertain course of progression and the problems associated with currently available therapies, patients should not necessarily be rushed onto therapy. The task of the physician in caring for patients infected with HCV is not to blindly put everyone on treatment but to use their best clinical judgment in evaluating and monitoring as well as delivering antiviral therapy. It emphasizes the need to counsel our patients to modify behaviors that negatively affect disease progression so as to reduce and possibly even reverse that progression."

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