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Sore Throat

i am on week 13 of tx and I am going on my 6th week of having  a sore throat and can not get rid of it. I took antibiotics for 7 days and didnt help at all. My Lymph Nodes located behind the ears and my throat are so enlarged that they are very sore. My nose is congested and is constantly bleeding.  Is anyone having this problem? and is their any releif? Thank you for helping.
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Several have talked about either thrush or ulcers causing sores on the tongue or the throat.  For thrush, several have used nystantin either as lozenges or mixed at the pharma as Magic Mouthwash.  You'll need to get an rx for this.  Have you gone to a ENT to get an opinion?  
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I havent seen an ENT, I think its time. Just tired of going to docs for all these side effects.
Thank you for the response
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I don't know if anyone can tell you if there's relief. Everyone's sides come and go or remain for awhile. Personally my lymph nodes have been swollen for about10 weeks now , under ears and behind head.Also have ear aches, Took a z-pak antibiotics 2 weeks ago and got relief as there was fluid in ear, only to have it resurface in other ear this week.I stopped taking anthistamines about 7 weeks ago because of dryness in nose and mouth.I have found some temporary relief for swollen nodes by putting warm compresses on them.I've got two more shots left, I'll let you know if it gets better after tx.I went to ent doc and he just said no cancer or infection and that was that.Good luck and try to think of big picture{svr} and go to a dr it helps your piece of mind.
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Just finished my shot 24 my throat was sore the whole time, seemed to be worse when I was feeling run down, after resting it was better but nothing really helped. Joe
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I'm on week 12 and have had a sore throat and dry cough throughout. What helps for me is a warm mist humidifier I run all night while sleeping.

I don't know about everyone else but this tx has dried me out. My skin is horribly dry and scaly, my eyes are so dry I use a dry eye solution every day. My scalp has actually developed dry patches. It just stands to reason your interior will become dried out too. Sometimes water doesn't even quench my thirst and only something like Gatorade will work. Do your best to get plenty of hydrating liquids down. It really helps with the side effects.
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Thank you, as long as i know its normal sides I can and will do it.  
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Congrats on week 24, Are you done?? If others have thise side effect then I'll just push threw it.
The day i can eat without a sore throat and having taste buds will be very exciting.
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I'm on just Inf/Riba, Geno 1a, so I'm trt for 48 wks.  Only 12 wks to go.  The long haul is certainly a mental challenge along with the physical effects, especially early in trt.  Hope the sore throat improves.  
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I don't know if this will help but I had a sore on my tongue which wouldn't go away.
Finally, I took some liquid acidopholus and it vanished.

I always take it after I use antibiotics to reintroduce the flora which antibiotics wipe out.

Now, I take it a couple times a week and haven't had any more sores.

Oh, and make sure you're drinking lots of water.
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