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Sores in the corners of my lips, burning mouth, white/pinkesh,red spots on palate, swollen gums

Moved to new place Sept. 4th, started getting a sore in corner of left side of lip, then burning mouth, white patchy tongue and palate, it cleared up a little once; but is back and now the right corner of my lip is sore and peeling.....I did figure out that our chlorine level was high here 1.87 ppm one day, and then 1.80 ppm the following day.  Burning eyes, red eyes, my throat closes off sometimes also.  I have been to urgent care twice, the ER once, Family Physician once.  Cannot figure it out?  Any ideas?  I am beginning to wonder if I will have a mouth come morning..............
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you may have lichen planus of the mouth. Mine was brought on by tx.Chemo often causes it.
get to a good dentist soon as there is help and releif for this.
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I had serious cracking at the corner of lips when I did round 1 of treatment.  I'm getting ready to start round 2 on Sunday and dread getting those cracks back.  A fella on another board recommended Biotene Oral Balance Dry Mouth Moisturizing Gel.  He said it runs about $8.00 a tube and that the packaging specifically says that it's good for people on chemo and radiation.  Heck, I'm gonna give it shot, during round 2.  

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Cracked corners of the lips has plagued me for the past year.

The only thing I found that keeps it under control is a prescription ointment called ertaczo.  The cracks used to extend from the mouth about an inch diagonally to my chin.  They hurt like heck when I smile, eat, even speak unless I'm using the ertaczo.

I haven't had inner mouth problems (yet) but Ia lot of people here seem to swear by "Magic Mouth Wash."

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Thank you for your advise on the perscription meds for cracked lip corners. Mine have been cracked for the past 2-1/2 years. My doctor told me to use blistex and other. That does not work at all. I asked my pharmacist and he said b-complex would work. I've been taking the b-complex for two months. They seem to try to heal and just keep cracking again. Isn't it frustrating. I will ask him for ERTACZO.

Thank you,

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