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Sovaldi and Ribavirin Treatment started

Just started the treatment with 1 pill of Sovaldi a day and 1200 mg of Ribavirin each day, for Gino type 3, 24 week treatment. So far no side effects, felt kind of stoned for a few hrs at first, but now (day 3) I don't feel too much different :), my advise if someone else is starting this, drink lots of water, works for me...
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Congratulations on getting started on treatment. Best of luck.
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Congratulations on getting started.

I am on the triple Tx (Sovaldi; Peg; Riba—1,000 a day), on day 11. I don't think I am feeling the Peg yet, except on the nights I get it. Feeling the Riba more. Be careful driving for a week or so right after taking the Riba, it eases up after a week or so. I am drinking 90 oz of distilled water a day (1/2 your weight in ounces + extra if you drink coffee in the morning), I have 1 1/2 cups of Joe in the morning. It is amazing how thirsty I get even while I am drinking so much water.

Also quickly became sensitive to the sun, and yesterday started getting Riba rash (thank goodness not red or itchy yet). My nurse recommended using baby oil as soon as I get out of the shower, plus I am using Aveno lotion for sensitive skin. My scalp is becoming sensitive too. Also bought some sunguard sleeves to wear in the sun.

I found out yesterday the hard way about keeping your eating and meds schedule the same everyday. I changed mine up yesterday to accommodate an outing and got very light headed and exhausted, heart was a bit skippy for 30 minutes too (I have a fib sometimes anyway).

So good luck Ken, take it one day at a time, enjoy these first good days. I was fine for the first week. Let us know how you are doing.
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I start tomorrow on the triple 3 and I was scared, until I read your posts.. Please if there is more info as you are progressing, I would love updates.

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Hi and Welcome
Please don't be scared as we are here to help and support you.  You mentioned you would like to talk to Sandi as she just finished the same drugs that you are starting.  You posted on an older thread, and you may not find the answers here.   Go to the top of the page where it says Post a Question, and you can type a question which will give you lots of answers.  You may want to say. Starting triple X, what to expect.  Sandi will likely see it and share her experiences, as will others.

BTW. She is now cured!

Good Luck
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