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Sovaldi the magic ticket. CURED

Well it's been quite the journey.  Sovaldi/Ribavirin    Treatment Naive  12 weeks. Geno 2. Mild cirrhosis   SVR12. UND
Feel amazing, and so hope this is my final farewell to the Hep C virus.  So many of you were there thru the ups and downs during treatment, and so grateful for your compassion and support.  Soon you will be getting the good news as well, and I so look forward to the day this horrible virus will not harm anyone again.
XOXO.     Kim
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Congratulations to you!

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I'm so happy for you!  Enjoy your new virus free life!  I hope I will be joining the ranks!  Thanks for your encouragement!
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I'm so happy for you.  I'll be starting Sovoldi and Olysio soon.  Such high hopes, daring not to get too over-confident.

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Hi Kim - congratulations on a job well done.
Amazing new meds are changing our livers now after all these years.
I wish the best to you, and to all the folks here who are in the midst of, or soon to enter, HepC treatment.
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Congratulations!!!  BIG smiley faces
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Yes!!!! Cured!!!    It's almost unbelievable that it happened.  But it does and now you no long have to say you have hepatitis C ever again.

: )
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That is awesome, incredible, wonderful (reaching for Thesaurus) news!

You deserve it...enjoy your Hep c free life! Jo
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Congratulations Kim! I am so happy for you, what great news, you give us all hope! Yes, enjoy the rest of your Hep C life! Live long and prosper. Sandi
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Thank you. Kim. for that wonderful news. I couldn't be happier for you.

My husband is on week 20 of 24 weeks of the same Sovaldi/Riba treatment. He is 1a so not the best treatment for him but hopefully the extended treatment will make the difference.  Your results have given us hope that he too will reach SVR soon.  It has been a very difficult period for us so if he does not reach SVR, it will be quite a blow. But we will continue to fight.

You have been blessed. Enjoy your hep C free life.   Congratulations!


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You guys are all so cool, and I thank you so much for the congrats.  Must say, I feel like a million bucks and not having the virus is better than I had imagined.  Still have aches and pains, but my mind feels so clear headed.  Want all of you to know from my experience it took about 2 months after treatment to regain my old self.  Just wanted to share that as when treatment ended and still didn't feel good for 8 weeks, was kinda worried "Is this the best it gets"   Gradually the cloud lifted, brain fog disappeared, and the sadness went away.  Sooooo....Don't get discouraged when after EOT you don't feel fantastic.    Give it time and rest assured that with time, you will begin an amazing new journey Hep C free.              XOXO.    ...Kim
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Congratulations Kim that is such great news..I've been in the forum a week now an I thank you so much for all your help and advice.  I'm also geno 2 an on same tx. As you.  This gives me hope.  Actually, everyone here that's answered questions an given encouragement to me have been a Godsend. I feel truly blessed to have caring people encouraging each other on this site.. Thanks again an enjoy your hep free life..mary
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Congratulations! I know how you feel as I recently cleared the virus with the same tx after several treatments in the past. Enjoy you hep free life.
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Thanks so much for the great sentiments...  Mm, you are right.   We are not alone in our treatment experience, and that's been so comforting.   I can only imagine taking these meds alone, with various side effects, and wondering if everyone else feels as we do.  Team effort, that's what it's all about.  And Rod, congrats to you as well and may you continue with a healthy new life...
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Congratulations!  Enjoy your dragon free life!!  It gives me hope!
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Like someone said, go on and have a Hep C free life!!! I know some people didn't get a lot of symptoms with Hep C, but I sure did. Many have already gone away and I'm on my tenth week with S&O GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!
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Thrilled with this news Kim!!!!!

Serious, I get a little teary eyed with every announcement that people have beat this thing


I also loved this:
"Just wanted to share that as when treatment ended and still didn't feel good for 8 weeks, was kinda worried "Is this the best it gets"   Gradually the cloud lifted, brain fog disappeared, and the sadness went away."

I am almost 4 weeks EOT and still feel pretty lousy so this is good news indeed.

All the best to you and your Hep Free life

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Wow!...am happy for you!...
pls am new here!...how can I go about hep C treatment wit drugs n supplements??..
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Hi Segeloma

Welcome to the forum.

The drugs being discussed here are available by prescription from a doctor specificially from a hepatologist or gastroenterologist experienced in the treatment of hepatitis C.

Are you under the care of a liver specialist? How long have you had hepatitis C? Do you know your Genotype for example 1a, 1b, 2a, 2b etc?

Have you been treated for hepatitis c previously? What treatment did you take? Did you respond or were you a non or null responder or relapse?

Have you had a liver biopsy to determine the current level of any liver damage?

These would all help to answer what form of treatment would be best in your situation.

Not sure what you mean by supplements.  There are no supplements that have had any effect on eridicating the hepatitis c virus. However the new drug treatment regeims just recently approved are very effective, shorter duration and generally much better tolerated by patients. So far the effecdtiveness of the newest medications were 80% to 100% effective in clinical trials depending on the patients prior history and medical condition.

step one if you are not seeing a liver specialist get a referal from your doctor and see if you can get the new medicines prescribed

Good luck
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