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Staring tx this Thursday... I think!!!

Well, After much waiting and testing and taking meds for my thyroid, I will start tx this Thursday. Hopefully, I've prepared myself sufficiently ( thanx to many of you on this MB ). I'm a genotype 3 who is hoping and praying that tx doesn't interfere with my golf game this summer. As long as I can get out there one or two x's a week, I'll be a happy dude. Please do not misunderstand me, I'm not a golfer, I'm a hacker who goes for a walk in the park with golf clubs and my friends. But, we have a ton of fun and I will not give that up easily. Stay well, see ya soon. PaulyK
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Like most of us - you will have good days and bad days.  Days where you are so tired you think my GOD I can't get up I don't want to --- and then other days where you don't really remember anything is going on.

Of course stamina is a big issue (shhhh you guys!) meaning one day I felt pretty well so I went out to do some shopping...well by the time I got there I had used up most of my energy just driving there and then I was sort of S.O.L. cause I had to drive back home and was pretty weak.

You just have to be careful.

We've talked so much off of here (until my computer crashed which I should have fixed this weekend but I had a real bad Fri/Sat (exhaustion from shot for some reason again) that I know you know the deal.

You'll be fine. This is a lot LESS than other things you have been through...and if you can do THAT you can manage this no problem!  I mean it!


PS I will check my email on my mothers computer day after your first shot night to see how it goes. I won't be far... :)
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Good luck from a fellow G3 who has only 4 more weeks to go.

Most of treatment (definitely not all!), I could still go for a swim a couple of times/week.  Slower and shorter length but I could do it.  And it ALWAYS made me feel better even when it took all my will power to get myself to the pool.

Gotta keep up the golf for the mental health!  Besides, didn't they invent golf carts for people on treatment (oh, and for teenagers, and people who feel like teenagers, to race in)?

Hope you have a smooth ride!

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Good luck in starting. Like you, I'm a hacker, and had hoped that I could continue to play thru tx.  I started tx in early June (3a) and was optimistic about golf throughout. At about week 2 I tried to play 18 (summer in Fla) and was completley drained from the attempt - took a few days to recover just from that.  I hope you fair better. For the rest of tx I walked along the shade of course in the am and pm with a club in my hand but not the hacks.  If you try on tx, play 9 and see how you feel before going for. Pace on tx is important.
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Pauly good luck with starting meds and as a 3 you will be doing tx for 24 weeks, right?  Hope you'll be able to keep hacking that golf game with your friends.

Algernon--Hey, you and I both have 4 weeks left.  What night do you take you last shot? mines a Sun. 6/11

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We will finish the same night!

I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  Want to RUN toward it.
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Grrrrh $%#%^%$$ grrrr $%#$$#@#  6/11 huh?  Grrrrh $%#%^%$$ grrrr $%#$$#@#


I'll see you there on August 18th :)
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Algernon -- I can see that bright beautiful light at the end of the tunnel and yes I'll run right along side of you. What geno are you?  

NYGIRL -- I can see you feel left out my friend, I wish I could push your date up for you.  But hey, as long as your clear who cares how long it takes.  You just 2 months past us and it will go fast and before you know it your'll be e-mailing me your SVR.

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B, I'm a 3a f.

NY:  You know we'll be with you all the way.  By the way, today my hair loss reached a new level.  I was writing something at my desk and the hairs just started floating down onto the paper (and I have short hair!).  Maybe it was because my brain was really steaming forth with ideas (although, at the end of the day, there's no evidence for that theory).

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I am a long time golfer but have not played in the last year - been on treatment for about a year.  I just didnt feel like playing at all!  On a related note, I never lost my desire for making love and, except for a few occasions, tx did not interfere with sex at all.  I saved all my energy to get my once (ahem, sometimes twice) a week diversions.

Lesson learned - if you REALLY like something, you will not be bothered by treatment.  I determined that I like sex more than golf - go figure!  

Other lesson, if you REALLY like something, you will figure out some way of doing it regardless of the treatment.  

Other lesson, you REALLY need something to do that allows you to feel normal, in your case for four or five hours once or twice a week and in mine for a minute or two maybe once or twice a week. LOL.
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says.......... I determined that I like sex more than golf - go figure!

Could it be a better chance for a hole in one? Plus you don't have all them balls to chase.
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Been alot of waitin for ya , goodluck there and hopfully the golf game will be ok .
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Good luck with treatment. I just finished this past Sunday 48/48. Tx did not affect my golf game. I was able to play once a week if I really wanted to. I didn't play every week because I was not into it, but physically I was able to. I am sure your golf game will be fine. Let us know it it went the first night.
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Thanx for all of the "words of wisdom". I'll keep them near in the next 24 wks, especially the ones about sex being better than golf. I guess that is why my wife found it strange that I would get up out of a warm bed ar 5AM to go play golf at times. I haven't done that in a long time though.

ny girl, thanx a million, you made a difference.

Keep the faith, Pauly
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