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Start Tx on Nov.07

Can I ask a few questions ? Thank you all ahead of time.Caremark delivered my meds package today.Dr.Appt.Nov. 07, 3:30 p.m.Caremark called yesterday and said my insurance would not cover Ribavirin so they gave me the generic Ribashere.Then the paper work says, generic name: ribavirin.2 tablets in the morning, three in the evening.200mg.That's 1000 mg a day.I weigh 103.Bottle reads Ribashere
Peg-Intron Redipen Generic Name:Peginterferon Alpha-2b.Inject 0.4ML (64MCG), once weekly.
Dr. is going to show me how to inject and all the other stuff I need to know.My husband is on on Humira for the past 3 yrs. so shots no problem.?????
My question.Does this dosage and medication sound correct ?
Thanks again, Tammy
Also, should I ask about pre-dosing riba ?
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The box the Redipen comes in reads,
Peginterferon alfa-2b
80 mcg/ 0.5 mL
Thank You,
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I can't address the redipen issue because mine is alfa-2a, 180mcg/0.5mL---but I just wanted to suggest taking the riba 3 in the a.m and 2 in the p.m. because it my affect your sleep and that way you are getting the bigger dose earlier in the day.

Good luck to you, Tammy.  I wish you kind sides and an easy ride :-)


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I'd say that's plenty of riba for your weight. If your RBC drops too quickly, you'll have some slack to drop a pill until you can get some epo. You might want to go back in the archives and do some reading on those who've done .5 instead of .4 on their redipens.
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I was around 120 starting treatment -  now around 115.  I take 1000 mg riba per day.  3 in the am  -  2 in the pm.  Week 31 and lowest my hgb has been is 11.  Riba effects everyone differently.  I was totally unaware of pre-dosing riba and when I received my meds.  I was scheduled to start treatment within the next two weeks.  I started taking the riba because I thought I was supposed too even though doc did not say to.  I had about ten days of riba in me before starting injections.  I did not clear at 12 wks -  cleared sometime after week 14.  So who knows about pre-dosing riba.  It may give you an edge, but the bodies response to the combo meds is ultimately reponsible for the outcome.
Good Luck and hope all goes well.
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I would go with the .5 but thats just my thoughts. Redipens are easy to use. Heres a video on those for future use if you need it... Best to you


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I'm on 1000 ribavirin and am 125 - 130. Can't really comment intelligently on redipen or dosing or pre-dosing.

Do want to say, though, that like you, I was told to take my two pills in the morning and three in the evening. This works fine for me.

Also, my doctor put me on a schedule of ten and fourteen hours apart instead of twelve and twelve to even out the ribavirin in my bloodstream. That is, I  take 400 at nine every morning and 600 at 7 every evening. Not a big deal but just the way I was told to do it to kep the dosage steady.

Good luck.
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