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Starting Sovaldi + Ribavirin on Sept 1st

GT2 57 year old and Starting Sovaldi + Ribavirin on Sept 1st, a bit nervous and wondered if there was any advice to coping or even if I should be nervous?
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I finished the same treatment on August 15th. I worked and exercised throughout treatment. The first 2 weeks I felt off, jittery, with mild headaches (no more than 200 mg of Ibuprofen taken during all of treatment). I had a 4 point drop in my Hgb in those first 2 weeks and they dropped my Ribavirin to 800 mg, and everything felt better after that.

-I left work early during treatment once (3:30 instead of 5).

-Did yoga throughout treatment (even hot yoga - note that I had a regular practice already, however).

-Had to modify my cardio some (because of the Hgb drop) and reduced the intensity of my exercise routine in general.

-Some intermittent traveling mouth sores - used peroxyl, biotene products.

-Overall dryness (keep hydrated, moisturize...).

That said, I felt pretty normal 95 percent of the time. Some folks feel normal 100% of the time and others feel awful. That said, most find it quite tolerable. It appears that if you have compounding health issues (cirrhosis or other health issues), you MAY have more sides.

I definitely would not be scared. If you look around the forum posts, you will find lots of people who have shared their experiences during treatment and have provided tips for any sides you might have. Your health care providers should also be monitoring you.

I was REALLY relieved at how easy it was frankly.

Good Luck!!!!  Jo
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Hi there and welcome to the forum. Hubby was on the old regime with the triple tx with interferon & incivek but i just wanted to say hello & good luck. You will find and get some amazing advice and the support of everybody regardless of what tx they are on or had been on. Kind regards Jules
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Hi Steve,

I was also a gen 2 and finished my 12 weeks of sovaldi/ribavirin on April 22 and got my very welcome SVR12 news about a 6 weeks ago. I basically had no side effects at all and was able to continue my exercise, and even did a 100 mile bike ride while on treatment.

Not everyone has as easy a time as I did but as Jo mentions most do very well with this treatment. Best of luck!
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am in 6th week of 400 mg sovaldi & 1000mg ribavirin. First week lost weight caused by nausea, was corrected the following week with added protein drink daily, nuts & dried fruits. Foggy thinking erupts periodically. Had an experience with riba rage and curbed that quickly by not placing myself in emotional situations. sleep is not disturbed. The heart& mind racing seem to be a by product of tx. Continue to work with ease. Exercise is necessary! Do what you love and do it regularly. My practice is yoga & golf 3x week. Drink copious amounts of water. Drink half your weight in ounces of water. So far this has been a cake walk. Note: I am treatment naive, so I have nothing to compare this with apart from what others have told me about previous treatments. I feel our timing for treatment could not be more right.
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Hi Steve and welcome. Lucky you being  GT2, as they currently have a high cure rate for the latest Meds.   I'm also GT2, and began treatment in Jan 2014, and ended up becoming cured....YES!    The Riba tends to get a bad rap, but it wasn't near as bad as I thought it would be.   Fortunately you are only on it for 12 weeks, and it is very doable.  I pretty much breezed thru, but will say the meds are accumulative and towards the end the fatigue kinda hit me.  Def hit the bed for some major zzzzzzzs near the finish line.
As everyone said, drink lottsa water, eat often, and try to exercise as best you can.   You want to eat protein with your meds as that will help to keep your blood sugar steady, and energy level up.  Some have no side effects while others limit their activities.   It seems females and cirrhotics have a few more sides then the norm so being a male, you should be better.
We are all so grateful that the day has finally come to cure this horrible virus.
I would take these meds for life if I had to just to get rid of Hep C.  Eliminating this virus is the most rewarding and wonderful event that has happened in my life.   It really is a life altering event, and now feel incredible.  You will too once your also cured.
On this forum we have all become friends and have helped each other with questions and thoughts during our treatment.  We welcome you and will be with you thru your entire process if you have concerns or just wanna share your own journey.
Congragulations on getting started Sept 1, and there is no reason to be worried or nervous.  You will be so excited once you become Undetected, and finally cured.  12 weeks really does fly by.
Take Care
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Thank you all for your responses, I have been reading peoples experiences all day on several web sites and kind of got myself worked up. I guess my biggest worry is sleep, I fight with that already so it concerns me. I have tried to educate myself about this whole thing and the biggest thing I have learned is that I am “lucky” to have Gen2 and no other issues. So for that I feel like I shouldn't complain about anything as I have certainly read about folks a lot worse off than poor me. I was planning on waiting until January since here in Dallas the first 12 weeks of the year are when I ride my motorcycle the least….priorities right? But the girl at my doctor’s office was just supposed to find out the process with the insurance company, and low and behold I get an approval letter in the mail from the insurance company. The next day I get a coupon from the Sovaldi Company and all said and done the treatment if free. I went to my doc Monday and here I go, meds will be here Friday…happening kind of fast. My wife is a vegetarian and seriously devoted to yoga, so I think this biker needs to surrender a bit and follow her lead..haha. I am not much on sharing and talking about things and have never posted anything like this but I must admit posting here and reading your experiences seems to really calm things down a bit. I do believe I will hang around for the next 12 weeks or so.
Thanks again
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