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Starting Treatment-what to expect

Ok folks, just what you need, another newbie! Diagnosed 1 year ago-HCV-1a. I'm 54 yrs. old male. Liver & labs are normal. Liver biopsy-stage 1. Doc says no rush. no insurance. I've contacted Roche, & they will supply me with Pegasys + Copegus- free!
I'm a working musican who's going back to school this fall (music doesn't pay well).
I've chosen to start tx 10/1/06-want to enjoy my summer! Been educating myself about Hep C, and now I'm ready-I think. My question is- will I be able to play my gigs?
Will I be able to attend school and study? Relax, I have no use for fear. Fear bores me.
Remember, I'm a musican- never had stage fright! Without music I'm nothing.

Also, ladies-I've had to walk away from a wonderful, wonderful woman. Could'nt live
with myself if I gave her this poison. Did'nt tell her-she doesn't understand, she's cryin. God, I feel like a real ass,but I don't know if I could do a relationship & treatment
@ the same time. Do I keep walkin or man up & tell her the truth?

By the way 52tele, I also play a 1952 Fender Telecaster!

                                                    Blood on my strings-Slide James
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I went through school and worked during Tx. I wont lie to ya. It will be hard, no, it will be damn hard but you can do it. The middle of the Tx is the worst. People can **** you off for no reason and you might want to bash their heads in. So you have to be mindful of your temper. As for your girlfriend, I really think that you are making a big mistake. You WILL need someone to help you when things get tough. Be honest with her tell her that you are scared to death and the fear made you do something really stupid(telling her to go). If she really loves you she will understand then when your better you can do some serious making up for it. I wouldn't worry about giving it to her as long as you use protection. The risk of transmission through sex is not all that great. If I remember correctly from when I had it. It's only like between 5 and 15 percent as long as you're careful. Don't let a good girl go. They are hard to come by these days.

Good luck
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I found this forum as the result of telling a potential lover I have this disease.  He said he didn't think he could date me because of it.   Well, that was April, and he is my boyfriend now.  He's still afraid he can get it because he uses a condom even though I'm on the pill.  From my research, and the comments I got from my original post, it's damn hard to give this to someone even if you don't use condoms.  I don't know anyone who got it that way.  You would both have to be bleeding, so use common sense and don't do anal or have sex when she's bleeding.  Or do like we do and practice safe sex.  She'll probably understand, especially if you educate her properly.    Nothing against you guys cause some of the best responses I got were from  men, but women tend to be a little more rational when presented with this situation.   I found something online from a doctor I beleive, that said these reactions are based on emotion, and are irrational, and the best thing to do is educate them, let them digest it, have them get tested if it is in order.  The general population just doesn't know about this disease. My guy really freaked bad.  I mean I felt like a leper or worse, and he did turn around 180 degrees.  I am going back to school in the fall, too.  Quit job in order to do it, so I have issues with having brain fog especially if I'm taking Masters level courses.  I saw a specialist on July 10 and he sent me back to HMO for more bloodwork, mainly genotype.  If it comes back a 2, we treat no questions asked, but I may choose to hold off if it is a 1, which is more likely for a United States caucasion.  70% is the number he gave me for that.  I didn't luck out on being the 15 - 20% that clear the virus on their own, but I'm hoping I'll get lucky on the type 2!  Good luck with school, and the lady.  I'm sure she'll surprise you, and take it like a champ.  I mean I wouldn't give up without at least trying.  You have everything to lose and nothing to gain.
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blood onthe strings maybe problematic until you reach undetected status-so keep your fender out of her blender!..nothing helps w/ trx as much as a caring friend and a good attitude..if you wish to consider peg-intron "commitment for Care' also will provide free meds-they are v good folks ...procit,if&when you need it,is also available thru a program for the uninsured musicians-GOODLUCK
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I remember you. Most of the guys were telling you to <b>Dump him</b>. I'm so glad he did a 180 for you. It really helps a lot to have someone who loves you going into tx.
Best wishes to you and let us know about the results from your next dr visit.
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welcome, finding this format is a blessing. it is a blessing to have company through tx. and answers to ques.

i hope you don't drop her JUST because of hep c. i had it 37 years had 2 boys and have been married for 32 years? no problem.
as for work...
many days i had fatigue so bad i could not get off the couch. the headaches lasted 24 hour a day all the time and i had a BRAIN FOG that so could not remember if i wiped and did not want to see anyone.  all this would make it hard but not impossible to work. NOT ALL have these sds so good luck, some cruise through this.
one more thing. it was mentioned that at stage 1 you have years to make your decision. many new treatments are in the pipeline that will make tx.(if approved) much easier, much shorter and almost a certain cure not 45-50%.
http://www.hcvdrugs.com/   try this site.
also, as stage 1 you only have a 45% chance of SVR so may waste 48 weeks of your life.also if you start in nov. you will be on tx all next summer and maybe longer.
some like me at stage 3.3, HAVE  to tx. but not all. many will die of old age and not know they have this.
all the new drugs may not make it but you can wait for 2 or 3 years to find out. no kidding. this tx can be a female dog so get informed and make your decision educated.
also as mentioned, 2 years may give you more time to get your a
pidgens in order. i am glad you have no fear as some heppers are overwhelmed with this unjustifyable fear. not me thank GOD.

http://www.hepnet.com/hkn/c14.html   more info.  bobby
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Said: Could'nt live
with myself if I gave her this poison

Oh SJ, the chance that you ever COULD give this disease to her is so slim....many of us have had very long term relationships and had NO problems whatsoever.

Instead of losing her is there any way you can tell her the truth and then just make sure to practice safeR sex practices?  The chance is just so low - and honestly in my opinion if you tell her the truth it will make it easier on her.  It must be so hard not understanding and wondering what she did wrong.

During this time having support and love will help you so much. Let it be HER decision please!  I would do ANYTHING to have a great person in my life right now.

Welcome to the club.  You've come to the right place.

There is no way to know if you WILL be able to play out or not. Everyone's body is way different with this stuff but some have no real effects from it at all.  You won't know until you start (and even though the first few weeks are bound to be difficult...it DOES get better. I've been working the entire time and while it's not always ideal you will find that you CAN do things on treatment that you enjoy (not that I enjoy work mind you LOL)

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I have have been married for 28 years, started with very high vl (20 mil). Have had hepc for about 30 yrs. My wife has nursed my wounds. Changed bandages. She had an allergic reaction to surgery stitching and I cleaned the area daily. She has used my razors on a daily basis, had two children, and I have mended their cuts and scraps. None have hepc but me.

As for tx, be prepared for anything. I went for 26 weeks working full time, then bottomed out. Very sick for 10 weeks, almost unable to move. Lost 20 lbs. Horrible headaches. Very dizzy almost passed out driving. 1 trip to the ER. Now, fine again. Feel like a million bucks. The cure was a simple combination of anti anxiety drugs.
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Treatment affects everybody differently but my guess is you'll probably have no trouble attending school and studying.  Now, the late night gigs are gonna be a different story.  Personally, I have been very fatigued during treatment and the thought of staying out on Beale until 3-4 AM really is NOT appealing at all.  Maybe you will be different bc you seem to have a lot of passion for your music.  Also, if you can sleep in during the mornings after your gigs, that will help.

About your lady friend...  I really think you should tell her.  You are not giving her enough credit and you will wish you had her there with you when you start treatment.  You are gonna need all the support you can find.  Heck, the worst she can do is walk away.  You're already pushing her away so that shouldn't be a big deal.  Check your ego at the door and be honest with this woman.  I bet you will be surprised by her reaction.

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I forgot to add that I broke up with my boyfriend when I found out I had HCV.  I didn't tell him why.  I just pushed him away.  He wouldn't go.  We are married now and I thank God for him every single day.
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It was the GIRLS who told me to dump him!  That's what I meant that most of the best feedback was from the men.  The one that sticks with me is to give him time to digest it and educate the hell out of him, and if he was interested in more than just sex, he might turn around.  You're right about needing a good support system to get through this.  If I hadn't met him, I probably wouldn't be dealing with this.  Karma, I suppose.  Everything happens for a reason.
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Going to school, being a musician, taking a place on stage, educating yourself on a complicated subject, contemplating tx  - all those things require the same skills, persistence and dedication to carry on a meaningful personal relationship.
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Sorry to hear you have HCV but I would think twice about walking away from your lady.  I will be married 39 years in 2 weeks and my wife is neg.  This is a blood to blood born virus and the chance of giving it to your partner is almost zero.  I would tell her about your HCV and let her decide if she want's to walk away.  As it stands, she thinks it probably something she did to cause the break up.  Be honest with her, you might be surprised.

Good Luck

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