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Statins and Hep C

Hi All, I haven't posted in a while while recovering from my heart attack. But I do have one question for y'all.

Anyone here on heart meds, specifically statins, and who has never Tx'd, experienced an improvement in their liver panels, or hep C in general. I have heard that statins slow or stop the replication of the Hep C virus.


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Do the statins interfere with the virus or mitigate the immune system response?  Some time in the past, one of my doctors told me that the immune system played a role in the liver damage caused by HepC (not autoimmune hepatitis).  I am not sure how true that is.
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Yes, I have read that.  I wouldl have to google statins and hep C to find it again but I think there is a Japanese study on that.  I don't think it can wipe out hep C and I think the study said they needed more studies on statins.

How is your recovery going?  Are you currently treating or did you have to stop treating due to the heart attack?  I wish you well.

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Hi and thanks for the good word.

I was diagnosed last August and was considering my options. I have a low VL with no significant liver damage and normal liver function. January 15 I had a MI (heart attack) and am recovering well, but now I'm not a candidate for treatment. My Hepatologist said I have to be cleared by cardiology first.

If statins have some effect on viral replication then maybe the MI was a blessing (sort of).

Any, thanks again and take care.

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yes statins do have an affect on HCV and can help lower the viral load but not get rid of the virus totally. but dont forget that statins are very bad for the liver so you need to monitor the LFT's when taking them. my lipids are all out of range and my primary wants me to start a statin but i have been putting it off because of chance they can harm the liver.
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Just wondering about you the other day. Chcnme doesn't post very often now either, always glad to hear from you. I guess I thought you were on tx when you had the MI. Are you going to try to be cleared by cardiology or wait and see for now?
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I've been thinking about you, too.

It's good to hear from you.

Are you home now?  Still working on that mandolin?

(I don't know anything about statins but I hope you have a full and speedy recovery).
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Hello to Ladybug, Wyntre and copyman, I hope you are all doing great. Hello to Chcnme too if you're watching the posts.

The MI did throw a monkey wrench into my Tx plans and I've been trying to play catch-up with the mandolin orders. Got two going right now and I'm beginning to pick up some steam after taking two month off. It's funny how running out of money will light a fire under you . . .

I didn't know statins were hard on the liver. It makes sense as the liver is primarily where they do their thing with cholesterol. I guess the Docs will keep an eye on that.

Actually I'm doing quite well (with the heart attack). My daughter (adult) who still lives with me, has been coaching me on nutrition. She's been a diabetic since she was 7 and now at 30, she very well versed in nutrition. She's taught me things about eating right I never knew before. God bless her, she's an angle and took very good care of me after coming home from the hospital. I had the chance to return the favor this last week as she had eye surgery (Vitrectomy) and couldn't see for a while. She has diabetic retenopothy and hemorrhages in the eyes.

I want to do a little research on how Ribovirin has a bad effect on the heart. I also need to find out exactly what is meant by "cleared by cardiology". I do want to treat as soon as circumstances are right.

I particularly miss Chcnme's tiny url music links. We'll have to shame her into starting that back up again. That was good medicine for everyone.

I hope all is well with you all. Take care.

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Chcnme is good at providing those url links. You posted a great one too, with you playing  Amazing Grace with an awesome singer. Can you repost?
BTW, whenever I saw your name I think of how good your daughter is to you. You two have a great relationship, something every parent would be proud of.
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Well today must've been my day to stop by -- I got to learn that you ARE OK - lol  (had been wondering - was worried), and I got to learn that SFbaygirl is also OK!  Great morning so far.  :)   I'll do a tiny url on the music thingie - gotta get my thinking cap on, but I'll have a song in the end.  You don't realize, probably, how your first postings here did me a world of good.   They got me back INTO  (or more into)  what I DO love so very much and what helps me relax, or helps me get energized, or just helps PERIOD - and that be music :)   TWO mandolins in the works?!   Alright!  

I'm SO glad to know you're doing OK post MI.  AND that your daughter is helping you and there for you / with you!!   She sounds like an angel, indeed.  Sorry about her diabetes / retinopathy.  That's a tough one;  she sounds tougher!   The nutrition is very important stuff!  

Statins - yep - I've heard the same thing  (on the tx end).   I recall reading   some things last year on the increased interest in statins and Hep C.   And by the same token they can also be hard on the liver.  I would think your enzymes would start to go sky high ???  and that you would feel pretty awful  if the statin you're on begins knocking your liver around.   I've known two people who got really sick from the statin they had begun  (they were sick within about 2 - 3 weeks of starting).   They were both male, in their 50's, were put on statins due to high cholesterol  (Prevacid, I think was one).  Neither had had a heart attack,though - they just had high cholesterol and were at risk.  Neither had Hep C either, to my knowledge.   But anyhow... (get a load of this)  the doc had not told one of them what to watch for as far as feeling "ill" after initiation of the cholesterol med.   In about a month or so, they began throwing up, they were hurting all over,  they thought they had "the flu", and it dawned on me they had recently told me about being put on Prevacid.   I told them it MIGHT be the Prevacid and that they needed to get checked.  They got checked, and it was WAS the Prevacid.   I think their liver enzymes were out the roof  (like in the hundreds).   But anyhow, the med was stopped, and they began feeling better within a few days,  and so - I'm assuming if one is subject to get liver sick from a statin,  they will know it  (and that you would know, too).   I'm sure your doc  (knowing you have Hep C and are now on a statin)  are checking your liver enzymes more regularly, right?   They better be!! You have mandolins to make! :)  

As far as treatment and cardiac issues and being cleared,  well - I really don't know what I think anymore about "being cleared" or what it means anymore, to be honest with you.   I have come to a point that I believe "being cleared" is kind of like beauty - it's in the eye of the beholder.   I've had the doc (specialist)  tell me on one hand I will need rescue drugs and then - on the other - that I would do OK without them, and so - "being cleared" has become as clear as mud to me.  :) In the meanwhile, I'm feeling pretty good, can't complain, been enjoying springtime and ... listening to music!

So here we go.....

I gotta go to Imeem and search some tunes.

hmmm.... I think they must have changed some things at Imeem (looks like they make you sign up now (or log in)  to listen to the songs, so - you might have to register and then sign in if you aren't (it's free), and it's worth it.  

Some Iris and Mandolins for you.  Be good.  Do music :)   Stay well.  Glad to see you!!






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Hi Chcnme, I'm so glad you popped up. The spring time always brings the beauty of this world back into view. It's always so pleasant . . .

I hope we find you well and in very good spirits this fine day. I'm doing great and spirits are at an all time high. Especially with the great Rxz you posted. I really like the Amy White post. She's got a wonderful voice. Reminds me of Seonna McDowel from Cleveland. An Australian girl Whom I used to play with (Banjo).

Good morning Ladybug if you're watching. Good to hear from all of you. Too bad we all couldn't meet in reunion somehow somewhere. This group of people here seem to be my kind of people with sensitivities much like my own. Oh well, Maybe some day.

Chcnme, Thanks for turning me on to IMEEM. I registered and am going to explore that site a bit when I have time.

I've been on the statins since my MI on January 15th and have had no apparent problems related to my HepC. I've only seen my Hepatologist once since then (actually a Nurse Practitioner). She didn't have much to say about the statins. They only confirmed that I need to focus on my heart recovery and forget about Tx for now. I feel so much better now two month post MI, that I'm beginning to think many of my fatigue issues, etc. were nutrition related. Jessica has been educating me on that. I start cardiac rehab tomorrow and have a feeling after being on that for a few weeks, I may feel even better, I hope, I hope, I hope.

Yep, I am blessed to have such a great relationship with my daughter. When My wife left me 6 years ago, my daughter stayed behind with me. Our relationship began to change from Daughter / Father, to Daughter, Friend / Dad, Friend. She's really opened up and that's really great. God bless her . . .

I think your friend may have been on Prevastatin, not Prevacid. Prevacid is a protien pump inhibitor or antacid, which I also take. The prevacid alows me to take 325 mg aspirin which I was unable to take before due to stomach sensitivity.

Anyway . . . Great to hear from all of you.

Amazing Grace  -  http://tinyurl.com/scw75

Mandolins  -  http://tinyurl.com/3d4run

TTYL - Doug
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Here's a link to an article on the subject:  http://www.hcvadvocate.org/news/News_alert_statins.htm
It says that statins stop the Hep C virus from replicating and that not all statins are equally as effective.  Fluvastatin worked the best in the study.
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Thanks BillyV102. I read the article. This is promising news but may be a long way off to FDA approval. Perhaps they'll have some sort of trials soon. I'll be a lab rat.

I'm taking the Simvastatin, one of the two moderately effective statins. I'll see about getting switched to the Fluvastatin, the highest one.

Thanks again.


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Amazing Grace - http://tinyurl.com/scw75

Is that you playing guitar?


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Fiddle . . . One of those "silent fiddles" that require an amp to be heard. Sort of sounds like a trumpet though.

173975 tn?1216257775
Ok.  I just listened to the whole track.

Tin whistle?

Acoustic 12 string?

I'd only heard the first verse before so didn't hear the fiddle.

it's so hard to do a fresh effective arrangement of such a famous old standard but you guys did it!

I've gone to the Durham (in the Catskills) irish festival a couple of times. musicians come in from all over the world and after master classes on all aspects of traditional Celtic music and instruments and dance and storytelling, at night everyone gathers at one of a dozen pubs in the area and you get to hear jam sessions with a hundred plus fiddles all playing the same tune - soooo cooooool.

(I'm a woodwind player, myself - flute, soprano sax, picked up tin whistle a couple of years ago, bodhran - a little - would LOOOVE to learn concertina but guess that's gonna have to wait for another life.

And mandolin is gorgeous.  Ever hear the Vivaldi concerto for two mandolins and orchestra?

So glad you're doing well and you got your lovely daughter helping you out.

Keep DOING music.  :)

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Actually 6 string guitar, whistle and fiddle. You're right about fresh old standards. It's a great song and the way we sing it in church is very flat! Without feeling. Oh Well . . .

Irish/Celtic festivals and plain old folk festivals are alway a lot of fun. There's a local non profit here called Folk Net, who have three or four folk festivals down in the metro parks every spring and summer and they're great. Lots of parking lot jams going on and it's a great place for new and talented artists to break onto the scene.

Flute is so nice. Beautiful. Joanne Maden of Cherish The Ladies (a friend) is so great on flute and whistle. Franky Kennedy (of late) from Altan was another great flute player. I play whistle a little as well as Bag Pipe. Not real good on either because I run out of breath easily. I hooked my bag pipes up to a compressor once and could play the hell out of them and didn't even get winded. I couldn't figure out how to march dragging a compressor behind me though so I just gave up.

I have a number of Mandolins floating around Europe including this band in France:   http://preview.tinyurl.com/338fjk.

I've seen Some great poetry/song writing on this forum (ie.Friday night fight songs). We should collaborate and publish/record some tunes.

Take care,

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"I hooked my bag pipes up to a compressor once and could play the hell out of them and didn't even get winded.'


I like Ullean pipes.  And ya don't gotta be alive to play it (no breath).  *LOL*

Yes, Joanie Madden did a couple of master classes at the last festival I went to.

I found it interesting that (anecdotally) she really doesn't think the tin whistle is needed to get that authentic sound - but I took some classes with Mike McHale and he and most of the players in the class disagreed.

Actually, what I'd like to have is one of the traditional wood transverse flutes - but they're so darned expensive.  Last year I was nosing around antique shops up near Durham and I found the body and foot joints to what I think is a military fife and a regular C flute and I searched the darn place for the head joints and even got the owner to help and we couldn't find them.  I bought the parts anyway, (got him down to $35, thinking maybe i could find someone to make head joints at a price i can afford but that's just another one of the many projects that got sidetracked after starting TX.)

I bought a Sindt tin whistle last year - had to wait almost nine months for it - it plays great.

I'd love to play fiddle - it looks like so much fun to play in the Cailli bands.

Where's the festival you mentioned?

Keep us posted and send more music!  :)
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Missed this comment;

"I've seen Some great poetry/song writing on this forum (ie.Friday night fight songs). We should collaborate and publish/record some tunes."

Hey, great idea!

Maybe we can get one of the techhies around here to set us up for a cyber jam?  

Now that would be fun.

And Kim, from the other side, has quite a repertoire.  150+ and counting, I believe.


It's so good to see you back!  Hope everything's going well and your new grand (son?) is fine and you'll visit more often.
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We had a great flutist here named Tom Byrnes who passed away a few years ago, that played a black wooden flute. He was near 80 and learned flute back in Ireland. He has recorded a few records but that flute he played was so beautiful. The regular flute is a beautiful sounding instrument but the wooden ones are so much sweeter. He partnered with an old guy named Tom McCaferty, a Scottish fiddler also in his mid 80s. They were great to play with at sessions. Unfortunately McCaferty passed away several months ago too.

There is a song by the Burns sisters called Johnny Get You Gun. It's lyrics discretely refer to someone who has AIDS. Beautiful song. We should try to get our resident song writer to put something together similar to that but about Hepatitis C and all it's complexities. What'cha think?

When I was in the hospital with my MI, on the fifth day I was in a step down unit and my nurse there as a young lady from Ireland, accent and all. So we hit it off pretty good talking about all things Irish and about music. I told her a little about myself with instrument making and stuff and she knew some of the people in the Irish community that I knew. On that fifth day I was getting anxious to go home and she had been lobbying for that all day. Around 6 PM that Saturday, She came in and said, I don't think they're going to discharge you until tomorrow. I told her to go tell my attending physician that if I wasn't discharged that day, my daughter was going to go home and bring my bagpipes up to the hospital. She laughed and left the room. She came back a few minutes later and with a big grin on her face she said, It worked, lets get you dressed. Wasn't much dressing to do as I had to keep a Foley Catheter in for another two weeks. I just threw a coat over my hospital gown and went like that. I had been pretty loaded on Dalaudid pain meds for five days and really was still in lala land. It was fun though, as much of it as I can remember. Glad for the Dalaudid though. When I had bladder retention and they put that catheter in (three attempts)it was pretty painful. Worse than the MI actually. They made it up to me by being super sweet to me for the five day. After I got the catheter finally out, I took a box of candy and a card up to CCU to thank them. They were so nice I just had to do something . . .

Johnny Get Your Gun


173975 tn?1216257775
Celtic heppers!  

That's a good one!

I'm pretty sure I've seen Tom McCaferty's name on a couple of cd's.  Did he do a lot of recording?

(I'm relatively new to irish music - I fell in love with it coz it's so melody driven with everything, rhythm, harmony melody, implicit in a single line - it's just so gorgeous!  And I love the ornamentation.  Reminds me of baroque - my favorite classical music.)

When i was teaching I always did a month of irish music with the kids - think south bronx - and I'd always show the older kids portions of river dance - and they would BEG me the rest of the year to do that music again.  The Unicorn, of course, was one of their favorites.

And the special Ed kids ALWAYS wanted to do irish step dancing and (since I taught EITHER in the girls locker room OR the cafetorium) - I never had any space and so i'd promise to let them stand in front of their chairs for the last minute of class and dance along with the riverdancers (no turning, spinning, etc.)

OMG - it was the funniest cutest thing ya ever saw!  And proof, once again, that music transcends EVERYTHING!  I started imagining a new show - Ireland meets the South Bronx -

SO sorry to hear of all your problems and hope that now you're posting again it means you're feeling stronger and you'll stop by more often.

I'm gonna check that song tomorrow.


BTW - funny that they'd rather RELEASE you from the hospital then hear BAGPIPES!

Personally, I love the sound.  There's a bagpiper march down Hunter Mountain during one of those summer festivals and it's pretty darn awesome to stand at the foot of the mountain and see and then hear 500 plus pipers streaming donwhill in formation all playing the same tune.

I've even thought about getting a "practice chanter' just in case I ever get the chance to try real bagpipes.

PS - maybe we should post on other side next time if we wanna discuss music (which I'm ALWAYS up for)  I'll look for you on Community as well.
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Great having taught the kids. You must be a teacher, and maybe a music teacher.

I've been involved with a couple non prof music organization. One the Irish Music Academy of Cleveland and another music settlement which brought music to less privileged kids here, as a board member and teacher. I also repaired the instruments when they got sat on.

I remember about 20 some odd years ago, I made and repaired instruments out of my garage and this young boy about 10, used to hang on the fence next door, trying to look into the garage to see what I was doing. His Mom said he was very interested in learning how to play bass guitar. I ended up giving him a very nice bass guitar and later (years later) learned he went on to get a master's degree in music, played upright bass in the Cleveland Jazz Ensemble, then went on to be a bass player in the Cleveland Orchestra.  

The Bronx is where Eileen Ivers is from. She's the Blue Fiddler from early River dance. Also a friend. One of the hottest Celtic fiddlers around.

BTY I played Scottish Small Pipes. Two drones and a chanter. The small pipes are quieter and much mellower than the much noisier Highland Pipes. Great for session work. They can be played with bag or bellows. Sweet . . . I have Highland pipes hanging on my wall.

If you would like, I can keep my eyes open for a wooden flute. This is a vary big music town.    http://tinyurl.com/2qotul

173975 tn?1216257775
Oh yessssss!

an irish wooden flute!!!!!  Now that i could really fall in love with.  When I get around to tin whistle, even tough the fingering is much easier in many ways as are the tone production and the fact their basically in one key so ya don't have to learn all 24 and all the chromatics, i spent so many decades on orchestral flute that those fingerings are second nature to me.

And I taught music for 20 years in 4 states after having been a 'very' impovershished performer, mostly jazz and contemporary - ever hear of george colman and hilton ruiz and bill barron?

Not that i did that much -

I wish we could exchange email addy's.

more later - gotta respond to the kid who eneed up as a bassist in the cleveland orchestra.  What a great story!

Will catch you later.

how ya doing today?
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Doing great today. Started my cardiac rehab this morning and for the rest of my life.

I have a B flat whistle which is low pitch and mellow. Sounds like a flute. A low D even more so. The holes are spaced much wider though and it takes some getting used to. I have a tweaked D which plays very nice and sounds good too.

You wish we could exchange email addy's > follow this, http://tinyurl.com/yq6z98 and notice the contact us link. May be a good work around . . . and we'll talk more about wooden flutes.

173975 tn?1216257775

I followed the instructions but don't know if it went through.  

Let me know.

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