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Statistics of how many people on tx?

Does anyone know how many people are on tx?  All of the web sites I visit, it seems there are just  a handful of people who post questions and reply to those questions. Just a small community helping each other out. I really depend on these web sites for education and so that I don't feel so alone. Sometimes I feel like the only person in San Diego on tx.  So I was just wondering if anyone had the stats on how many people have hepc and how many are on tx.
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I don't have any stats to give you but I believe there are 4 million plus Americans alone with HCV -- as far as how many KNOW IT and how many are treating who knows? I would imagine quite a few don't even know they have it.
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People reach out in different ways.  Most of us who go online are comfortable with computers and an online environment.  Ask your doc how many patients he treats and tell him why you want to know, then ask him how many docs treating Hep C patients in the greater San Diego area.  That will give you a very small idea of the number of heppers in your area.  

There are probably a number of support groups in your area, as some people need face to face support.  Others either don't need, or don't want support while others are ashamed and want no one else knowing they have the plague as they veiw it.  I've met all of these type people.

Some docs say that the online community is made up of the "problem children"  a minority of heppers who have had bad reactions and are therefore overly vocal.  While there are a very few who fit this description online, most of the people I see are simply trying to take some control of something that out of nowhere came along and tried to take control of their lives.  We share info, ideas and support.

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How very true Kim. When I first found out, my 'first' doctor told me to stay off the internet because I was going to read a lot of garbage. While I agree that that is some very old information out there, and not worth reading, I'm sure glad I didn't listen to him because I would have never found this site which gives me a lot of comfort at times when I need it. :)
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Hi everyone I hope Regmel doesn't mind but I have a question and it was already full.
Has anyone heard of the benefits of MSM (sulphur) ?
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I agree with Kim wholeheartedly.  He points out that those of us online tend to be the type who wish to take control of our disease instead of being controlled by it. I know a couple of people who have done tx who never questioned anything the doctor told them and suffered alone.
I read, tho I've lost the site, that of the diagnosed HCV patients in the US (over 4,000,000 already diagnosed and suspected more than 4-5 times that have it) only about 12% are doing tx.  Of those I know personally with hep, 4 are not doing tx and one, besides myself, is doing it.  So, 12 % of 4,000,000 is 4,800 on tx.
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I agree with Galen.  On the internet one gets the impression that everyone with the disease is on TX but the reality is that very few do it.
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