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Stiff fingers and joint pain

I posted this on the other forum, but will try here, too. maybe with more luck.

I have been noticing during the last few weeks that my fingers have become a little stiff. Not very much, but it is a little uncomfortable. The middle joint of my right middle finger has been hurting for about a week and is slightly swollen. It is getting a little worse every day. It feels a bit hotter to the touch, than the others. (I did NOT hit or twist this finger)

Does anyone know what this could be? It kind of sounds like the onset of RA or RA in a mild form to me??? Could that be right?

FYI, I'm seeing my doctor about it next week.

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Marcia...check out this ...this is the stem cells im talkn about...all my freinds and family take this for their aches and pains...IT FREAKN WORKS
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Sorry...i said stem cells..its actually noe stem cells your taking...its just a safe strain of blue green algare "extract"..that really enchance stem cells for your own body...the bone marrow to be exact...i know it probery sounds to good to be true and stuff...but i thought the same way first too...my mother even takes the stuff
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Thanks Rocker, I noted the stem cell supplement when we messaged each other on all kinds of alternative stuff, remember.  I'm just trying to find out what it could be first. ANd then I'll look into, if I wanna take the stuff while on tx.

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sounds like artritis  too me
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Gonna head downtown to pick up a 16 gig usb pen drive...ya baby
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That was plain and simple. ROFL.

That's exactly what my husband said. He gets it sometimes in his hands. So do his mom and one of his sisters.
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im was thinkn bout takin the stem enhance while on tx to ease the sx....but it seems doctors dont want ya to take any thing while on these tx drugs....i see their point tho...but really all stem enhacne is a super green food...its just food.
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My moms hip pain went totally away
also my lady friends hip pain totally disappeared
this stuff i freakn love
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For me it was Neuropathy Marcia...

I'm telling you HCV can do a lot of horrid things to your body as it courses through --- it just does the most obvious damage to the liver.

I wish scientists would understand that it's not just the LIVER HCV kills - it kills every organ and other parts of nerves, cells and other things.

And the TX does not help reverse that kind of damage - and may make it worse - however - it won't be getting worse BECAUSE of the HCV from that point on.

So think of it as saving your life now --- and hopefully only getting a little worse.

Hugs Marcia.... Tightly.

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Thanks sweetie.

So one would think that this has been caused by HCV and could either worsen or not. It's the first inflammation of a joint in the finger I've ever had. It is still very minor and not so painful.

So only time will tell, if it should get worse or not. It's a gamble, like everything else with this disease.

Hugs back... I think of you often and what you are going through at the moment.

God bless, Marcia
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I think its very good you gonna start treament now.
I have been having this shiit HCV must probably for 35 years, and  have been having stiffnes in arms , hands and pain in joints etc etc for several years.

Just a couple of ours after taking a shot my hands starts to get stiff and heart a bit.

It seems that the meds are increasing pain and stiffnes while on tx.

I´ve said this before and its wearth repeting, after my first tx 24week long, pains and stiffnes I´ve had for +25years almost went away completely although i did relapsed.
Now on tx I´ve got some back but its not near what it was before first tx, I don´t no why but I think its the same for you.

Got a good feeling for you or is it just that I wish you well because you such a nice person.

Go for the tx Marcia you gonna be fine.

your friend

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Hi Marcia,

Sounds like osteoarthritis to me.  I have it in most of the joints in my body, and while it was annoying before, it is really wearing me down now.  Joint pain seems to be often aggravated by Tx, at least for me.  In fact, the head, neck, shoulder and spine aches are the most devastating thing about these meds, which I've now been on for 47 weeks.  Don't get me wrong - the foggy headed, short tempered, itchy skinned, thin haired stuff are no picnic either.  :-)  
I was told by my nurse that HepC alone causes body/joint pain, and for many, Tx exacerbates it.  Anyway, not to be a bummer.  Maybe you'll have a much easier time of it.  That is my prayer for all the great folks here.           Blessings!
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let me be more precis during my first tx every pain increased about 10 times it was hell I felt like an invalid and it lastet 3 or 4 months post tx.
every time I should put don my feet while walking the dog I had to tip toe my way along the side walk and I´ve got so used to it that i thought this is how its gonna be for the rest of my life, only probebly worse.

This is the main reason why I´m back in hell this time for the double time period.
I hasn´t felt so strong and good for 25years as did between my treatments.

I´m aware its not so for everyone  .

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Thank you my friend, and thank you for your always so kind words. You are a very nice man yourself!

I sure hope this will go away and that I will not get to much pain on tx. Reading what mikkimoe is going through with her RA or meki with the neuropathy... it sounds kind of scary.

Actually all my toes feel a bit stiff and I have pain in my big toes, too. I had some gout in one of them 11 years ago. But now they are both hurting and they have been for a while. I have just gotten so used to it, that I didn't think about that there could be a connection. You know with all the heels and pointed shoes I have standing in my cupboard. I kind of stopped wearing them regularly about a year ago. If you were a woman you would know how much I hate not being able to wear them all the time! Anyway, I started to feel pain from the onset of bunion formation. But guess what I just read... RA is one of the risk factors for the development of bunions. Ha... one culprit found.  And .... HCV can be the culprit for RA... So there they are, obviously... laid out on the table... these buggers...


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Thanks for your input.

Now I have been doing a lot of reading over the past  4 hours and from the symptoms I have it does not seem to be OA, but more probably RA, as it is in both hands and both feet and I have a swollen hot feeling joint.

It could maybe be gout, but I doubt it, even though I've had it once 11 years ago. Well the riddle will be solved once I've seen the doc. But it's always great to discuss things with all of you, before heading to the doc's office.


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I will promise if you try stem enhance aka,(AFA) your pains will all go away..you got my word...
some heathfood stores even sell samples...dont take much either to notice the effects...within hours..its pretty easy to get this stuff too.just got back from downtown.i got wacked by rain storm riding my bike....love gettn soaked in the acid rain...if da food additives dont get ya. da rain will.
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My mother has RA but she is eating crapy food such as white sugar white powder,wrong type of salt also been drinking the water from the tap.

I think both you and me benefits from heathy food habits, I´been in McDounalds tops 10 times all of my life. No tap water except when boiled, since I was 15 not smoking tobak for 17years no alcohol for 22 years no other drugs for 21years a lots of fresh air always.

Yea one drug I´ve been doing 1.5 liters of strong coffee every day.

I dont think you shall worry if pain increases during tx ( it did for me) just see it as that the meds are working.

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Unfortunately, Yes, finger stiffness is a hallmarker of RA.  I can't remember if you are pre-treatment or during tx?  IN any case, you can get RA from the hepc alone OR from tx, or BOTH, lol, yeah, double the chances, so its fun.  But, there are several different hand deformities you can get, and you can google RA hand deformities which can quickly help you pinpoint what is going on with your own hands (or not) because there are some really basic things that happen in RA involving the hands.  Note that RA causing serious issues of the hands quickly denotes agressive RA so you would like to get that in hand quickly but you may not have that alternative until after tx because you are going to need to talk to a hepetologist about using biologics or steroids prior to tx end.

For instance, I have a problem where the tendon is so swollen in my index finger that it doesn't go back into its sheath so they will have cut the sheath opening apart wider to allow the tendon to slide into place.  I have a big nodule there now though where it catches and won't go into the sheath and it keeps it from sliding into the sheath.  Hoping I can get it fixed soon.   Also, you could get swelling in your knuckles, another sign.  There is a lot of lit on it though if you'll google.
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sorry, that'd be knuckles and the joint above it.
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At one point, I played the keyboards so much I had very similar pains and swelling as you described. In fact, it got so bad that in the morning when I woke up, I couldn’t make a fist with wither hand. I did not have Arthritis but was overworking the joints. As a temporary relief until you find out what it is, you may want to try what my Ortho told me to do.

If you have a double-sided sink, (or you can use two bowls), fill one side of the sink with hot water (as hot as you can stand), fill the other side with ice water (with ice cubes in it). Put your hands in either the cold or hot water to start with, for three minutes, then the other water for three minutes. Do this three times several times a day.

What this does is constrict and relax the capillaries, tendons and nerves, which brings the swelling down. It worked for me. Well worth a try. Good luck

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I've never had unhealthy food habits. Always made food from scratch and also grew up that way. My mom was an artist silversmith and raised us that way. Her mom was like that. Her mom, a sculptor and painter, grew up on the family island of Romanö on Sommen. You know they made their own wine and everything there. At the bottom of the island was a whole garden with veggies and they hunted birds and fished. And in the summer they laid out the traps for the kräftor. Whatever that is in English, some kind of special crayfish form the lake. My mormor was the youngest of 9 and they all played music and painted., her dad was a painter and her mom was a chamber singer. A crazy Swedish artist family :-)

So sorry, just got carried away...

Anyway, I have only gone 100% organic since dx'ed in March. Stopped pot, 20 years ago, recreational drugs (the ones I did on occasional weekends) about 12 years ago, alcohol and cigs 10 years ago. Been vegetarian for almost 9 years now. And don't drink coffee. Might have a cappuccino once or twice a year, love it, and feel sick afterwards.

Just found an interesting link:


Besides other things, it states....

A 1989 survey of over one thousand arthritis patients revealed that the foods most commonly believed to worsen the condition were red meat, sugar, fats, salt, caffeine, and nightshade plants (e.g., tomatoes, eggplant).3 Once the offending food is eliminated completely, improvement usually comes within a few weeks. Dairy foods are one of the principle offenders, and the problem is the dairy protein, rather than the fat, so skim products are as much a problem as whole milk.

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Thanks for the tip. Don't have double sided sink, but will use two bowls instead. I'm sure it's like hot and cold bath... it really gets the circulation going.

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but for you to be having swelling, joint pain and inflammation and warmth to the joints, combined with stiffness, doesn't sound good, I'm sorry to say :(
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I haven't started treating. Having bx next Wednesday and doc app on Aug 5. I hope I can start tx right after that.

Am seeing my GP next Friday to get a referral for the rheumy. Etc...etc.. So it might take some time..

But as I said it is still minor. It doesn't even hurt enough to have to take anything against the pain and the swelling is very little. People wouldn't be able to notice it, if I don't point it out. The one on the finger is probably the first flare and it's minor.

I would prefer not to take any drugs, if I can avoid it. At least for the time being. But I'll follow your advice and will be vigilant, especially when on treatment.

I'm sorry you have to go through so much pain..

Thank you,


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