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Still dectable

My doctor is calling Sept 2 the twelve week mark.  I need to be undetectable to continue the treatment.  As of July 29 my viral load is 15,300.  I need to go below 200 to continue treatment.  Needless to say I am anxious to continue the treatment.  To give my self an extra week to go below 200 I scheduled my blood draw for Sept 9th saying that I couldn't get into the clinic on Sept. 2.  Of course I want to complete this treatment and have it be a success so if you know how to pray please keep me in mind.
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199 just became my favorite number...
China has 8-California has 199
It will be done...
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I don't get it. Looking at your chart it seems like you started TX May 27 with a VL around 44,400,000 IU/ml. The standard wisdom for keeping on therapy is that you must have a 2Log drop by 12 weeks. Your VL at week 8 looks about 44,000 IU/ml. By my math, this is a 2Log drop required to keep on treatment. If you can eradicate and be UND by week 12 (9/2) then you will be an EVR and may not require extended TX. In any case, unless your VL goes up between 7/29 and 9/2, you should be able to continue TX. The gist of a  newer study from Japan implies that as long as you are responding and the virus eventually reaches UND, there is reasonable hope that TX will have a good chance of SVR if you treat long enough (that is the hard part) after reaching UND status. The SOC right now would probably have you go just 48 weeks if you are UND by 9/2.

I think if you are below 200, that may be below the limit of the PCR test being used and for all intents and purposes, undetectable. You're still in the driver's seat. You'll make it!

Peace with you,
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What genotype are you?  If you are 2 or 3 than your doctor is probably basing his decision on that.
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Rescheduling your appointment - nice move;  it's amazing what we have to resort to sometimes :-).  
You must be about week 9 now - congrats on well done so far!!!  It sounds as though your body is giving the virus a hammering; think positive and will the little beasts away with every shot!!!  
Hugs and prayers from me...
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I agree with Walrus you look like your numbers are in line!  Generally doctors want the two log drop by week 12 to continue and you need to be clear by week 24.  People (like me) who are still detectible by week 12 but are clear by week 24 extend treatment to 72 weeks with fantastic cure rates.

Are you sure your doctor said that to you exactly about stopping?  If so, I wouldn't stop those meds and I would get a second opinion.  While I don't believe in the new study from Japan whatsoever (it flies against the grain of an older study that I do have faith it because it definitely worked for me and a bunch of others) - at week 12 if you have the requisite 2 log drop you should definitely be allowed to continue!  If we weren't...a lot of us would have lost this fight a long time ago and that is a shame.

Good luck.
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If you fill out your profile -- age, height,weight, genotype,stage,prior tx history if any, etc -- you may get more quality responses.
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I am 54 years old.  I am genotype1 stage 2.  I use PEG-IFN Alpha2a in combination with Ribavirin 1200 a day.  I am HIV positive and my HIV stats are very good and have been for a long time.  I do not drink, use drugs or smoke any more and have not for some time now.  I work a full time job and very active through out my day at work.  This is my second time going through the treatment.  First time I did the tx for 44 weeks I don't know when I became undetectable but I don't believe that I went long enough the first time.  I weigh 177 lbs and and five feet ten inches.  Below are my current states.  I hope this will be sufficient information.  

vl 15.3000
Alt ?
Ast ?
Bili ?
Alb ?

vl 339,000
Alt 29
Ast 25
Bili 0.9
Alb 3.6

vl 1,730,000
Alt 33
Ast 37
Bili 0.7
Alb 3.9

vl 4,390,000
Alt 48
Ast 35
Bili 0.3
Alb 3.6

I guess in my heart of heart I am waiting for someone to say, "there, there don't worry about a thing you will be cured."   At the same time I know I need to be realistic and educate myself on where I stand at this stage of the tx.
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All I can do is be with you on the prayer request...Got you covered.

Keep up the fight, and the faith,
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Thanks meNtoby, I appreciate the prayers and support.  I guess I will know more on Sept 23 when I do the follow up on Sept 2 lab results.  Oh, yeh my doctor busted me trying to make my appointment a week later so I am going in for the blood work on Sept 2 instead of Sept 9.

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