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Suggestions on food?

Taste and appetite is completely gone. I keep this nickle taste in my mouth and nothing taste the same. In 12 weeks I've lost 10 lbs. We have looked at and tried many things. Water is about the only thing I enjoy anymore. Anything I eat with spice or garlic is really bad and causes indigestion. I could eat anything before stating treatments. Any ideas how I keep my intake up and get protein into my system? Dale
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I have the same bad taste in my mouth.  Lemon drops, and dark chocolate help with getting rid of the taste.  With the food, each day is a new thing.  I do eat smaller portions but more frequently during the day.  Have you tried some of the protien drinks, they help too.

Kalio:  as to the meat, the nurse recommended adding terriaky (spelled wrong) and that has seemed to help.

Take Care
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Good to see you posting again DD. Agree with lots of your points.


I'd just add that at my tx nears its end, permanent sides from the tx drugs are on my mind. Frankly, if I wasn't convinced they do exist, I'd treat even longer -- I mean, why wouldn't we all treat longer then? Quality of Life? Can't even remember what QoL is anymore :)

That said, like DD and others, as a geno 1, stage 3, I didn't see much choice but treat. Had my biopsy showed minimal damage, personally I would have made a different decision.


I do agree that we all should be gentle with each other here, especially with those on treatment. My remarks are solely directed to the speculation put forth regarding permament sides from tx, so those trying to make a tx decision can benefit from all points of view.

-- Jim
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i custom-mix a granola,raisin,dried cranberry,mixed nuts, cereal and eat w/ fullfat french vanilla yogurt..delivers fat for riba&lots of nut based proteins;also use it over bananas&ice cream......the one thing i discovered that alleviates nausea(i first used durin radiation- now for this nasty combo-trx) is a little bit of herbal heaven;also helps w headaches&such-Side effects:you may develop an illegal smile that is highly contagious&irrepressible!!!-GOODLUCK
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Maybe my doctors are in the minority - but they are forthright in their acknowledgement of long term issues. That is the biggest disccussion point we have - identifying the dose and duration that gives me the best chance at clearing while minimizing exposure to long term or permanent sides.

Many of us here believe this is not an eradicate the virus no matter what proposition - others obviously see it differently.

Hey, if my eyesight starts to fail, will my physical appearance improve commensurately?
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Actually my non-hep doctors _have_ been sympathetic when I presented my situation to them, and immediatley concurred that these new physical problems derived from tx.  The question is what to do about them.   Personally I am loathe to pile up new side effects over old ones, so it's back to looking for alternatives to chemical medicine.   Admittedly I might be taking an overly cautious stance, but so be it.   A recovering body post-tx is at a delicate juncture.   We can try to exercise patience(!) and let the body recover its own homeostasis, or we can continue performing alteration upon alteration.  Sort of like Michael Jackson's face, you know?   (Oh, sorry.  Maybe that was a little too graphic.)
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Bean Lady asks: <i>okay - what am I missing -- there has got to be a secret meaning to hummer that I'm not picking up on...</i>

Well, I hesitate to post this, but in the interest of maintianing the best informed Hep group on the net...

<a href="http://hummer.urbanup.com/258751">What is a hummer (rated R)</a>

<small>BTW, I'm a big fan of <i>Battle Hymn of the Republic</i>, but perhaps that's more information than you needed?</small>
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Sort of like Michael Jackson's face, you know?

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I thought you were trying to kick Ben&Jerry's.
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LOL!  I was wondering who was gonna go there!  I was going to send a private e-mail to Friole and let her know the meaning   hehehehe.  It was like the song "she wants a pearl necklace"!  someone had to tell me that one!  Duh!

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I found if you chew an antacid, swish with water and swallow or spit out. Riba shouldn't be take with antacids, so spit out if your eating with pills. Helped me when I had the problem.
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The cerial route in eating is good. I eat alot of cherrios and oatmeal but lately I've been nibbiling on the sweets a little. O well I'm only human. Thanks for the ? on job related problems while txing, sounds like the guy you work with don't really know how to respect sick people but I'm sure his day will come.

      Rocker I'm goning up to vitamin world tonite and buy some whey protien and some nac. I also started taking vitamin c 1000 milagram a day monday. I've used whey and nac before and I like them both. Again I'm happy for you on your 2 log drop.

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I found that there are eventually a few foods that I do enjoy.  Once I find what they are I just enjoy them as much as possible (right now it's fudge pops...I could eat six a night really).  So I do.  It puts on calories and makes me feel happy LOL.  

If you can find food that DOES taste ok...nibble on it as often as possible.

I eat a LOT of cereal now.  The big meals do not interest me at all...and cereal has a lot of vitamins (unless I get Cap'N Crunch or LUcky Charms!) and is easy on my stomach. Plus the milk is good for the Riba (I use whole milk for all of the fat).

If you find something that doesn't annoy you that comes in tons of flavors (Ie: ice cream, cereals etc) try to eat whenever you can.  

I mean if I want a bowl of Fruity Pebbles...I'm gonna have it. Then I'm gonna wash it down with a couple fudge pops and a bowl of Ben and Jerrys.  

Put it whatever you can...it's one time we do NOT have to worry about dieting!  :)

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