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Sweaty and lazy

I have a serious case of the night sweats. I soak the bed and blankets anywhere from 5-10 times per night, every single night. Its hard to function optimally when you can't sleep. I also have a serious case of being either lazy or fatigued not sure which as I've never been much of either one... I am 28 years old my liver levels have not come out of the 400's for the last 8 months, I have genotype 3a, I know people say that your viral load doesn't matter but mine is upwards of 8,000,000. I have a great g.i. doctor from what I hear however she's not helping me with anything other than giving me omeprazol for heartburn... Is there anything at all that can make me feel alive or stop sweating.... PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!
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You need to treat your Hepatitis C ASAP and get cured. There is now a cure for Hepatitis C,  Genotype 3. It is not 100%, but the cure rate is very high. So you need to treat ASAP and then you will most likely feel considerably improved. (My night sweats and fatigue disappeared after I was cured of Hep C.)

Fatigue is a major symptom of Hepatitis C. Night sweats are also a very common symptom with Hepatitis C. It is the Hep C that is most likely making you fatigued and causing your night sweats.

Your liver enzymes are high, so you obviously have a lot of inflammation of the liver going on.

Do you know your liver fibrosis stage? If not, you should find out what your liver fibrosis stage is.

Your GI doctor may have a good reputation but, if all she is giving you is omeprazole, you need to find a different doctor who will treat and eradicate your Hepatitis C.

If I were you, I would see a Hepatologist, preferably a Hepatologist who is affiliated with a large university affiliated medical center. He/she will find out your liver fibrosis stage and get you on the correct treatment for your Hepatitis C genotype so that you can join the ranks of the cured. You will feel much better after you are cured and you will be much healthier.

If you have not had a TB test, you also need a TB test just to be sure that the night sweats are not being caused by TB.

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I agree with everything Pooh just said. Be your own advocate, don't be afraid to see a Hepatologist
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I've been having to wait 6 months for the treatment which is up in february. I was a drinker, haven't drank since my diagnosis but apparently all the damage was done. I've mentioned a biopsy she said she doesn't think she needs one...
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You need to know what your liver fibrosis stage is. This is very important.

Even if you do not have a biopsy, you still need to find out what liver fibrosis stage you are at. That can be done without a biopsy but the doctor need to be knowledgeable enough to know which tests to order and how to interpret them.

Your treatment drugs and length of treatment may depend on your liver fibrosis stage.

Plus, if you have Cirrhosis (Stage 4 liver fibrosis) you will need monitoring for the rest of your life (every 6 month MRIs or Ultrasounds) to monitor for liver cancer.

The fact that you drank alcohol adds to the possibility that you could have a higher stage of liver fibrosis.

So you need to know what liver fibrosis stage you have.

I hope you can start treatment soon and obtain a cure. Best of luck.
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Thank you bro, I appreciate it.
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Hi pooh,

Could I please ask you about the fatigue that you mention.

I believe that you had tx with ribavirin so I assume that you did not feel relief from the fatigue while the riba was present.  How long after you finished the meds did you feel that the fatigue had gone?

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