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T.A.C.E. Treatment

Has anyone gone through TACE (TransAortic ChemoEmbolization) for hepatoma.?? What can I expect in effect, side effects, prognosis??? JER22
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This person has asked this question before and no one was able to help him. Do you have any info you can share with him? Thanks for all you do for us.
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Here is more info from his previous post:

"My HepC which has been complicated by cirrhosis and ascites now shows a tumor mass and very high AFP (500). I have been advised to have TACE. My concerns are that my blood count (WBC 3000, Hg 13) is low, platelets 50-65,000. My bilirubin is 1.2. INR 1.2, Albumen 3.1. I would like to hear from some of you who have undergone this treatment about the side effects and hopefully good efects you have experienced. I am 80 years old and fear that I will be more sensitive to side effects than most. Your experience will help me in my decision making."

Do you have any info???
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TACE ( Trtans Arterial Chemo Embolization) is one of several methods to treat hepatocellular carcinoma. Outcomes are similar to those with with percutaneous ethanol injection or radioablation. Several methods are used to embolize the tumor from the artery side, combined with the local application of chemotherapeutic agents. All of these techniques need to be done by Drs. experienced in that procedure. Sometimes more than one procedure is used simultaneously to improve the outcome. The procedure is not normally the limiting step, but the tumor size/malignancy and if it is a single tumor determine the ultimate prognosis..

Here are some statistics on TACEs side effects:
Anticancer drugs were used as sole agent in 75% of cases (double 15% and triple 6%): doxorubicin (36%), cisplatin (31%), epirubicin (12%), mitoxantrone (8%), mitomycin (8%), and SMANCS (5%).
Embolizing agents used were: gelatin sponge particles (71%), polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) particles (8%), degradable starch microspheres (DSM) (4%), and embospheres (4%).

Sessions per patient were 2.5 +/- 1.5 (interval: 2 months). Objective response was 40 +/- 20%; survival rates at 1, 2, 3, and 5 years were: 62 +/- 20%, 42 +/- 17%, 30 +/- 15%, and 19 +/- 16%, respectively, and survival time was 18 +/- 9.5 months.

The post-TACE complications were: acute liver failure, 7.5% (range 0-49%); acute renal failure, 1.8% (0-13%); encephalopathy, 1.8% (0-16%); ascites, 8.3% (0-52%); upper gastrointestinal bleeding; 3% (0-22%); and hepatic or splenic abscess, 1.3% (0-2.5%). Treatment-related mortality was 2.4% (0-9.5%), mainly due to acute liver failure.
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whatta ya dudes think bout lver flushes??????? thanks,,ns
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I can try and share what my husband went through Sept.1, 2010, He had the T.A.C.E. treatment and had good liver function but with cirrhosis and HepC, surgery cant be done.He has 3  tumors. He went through it just fine and is at home. His energy level is way down and he has some tolerable pain. Ive asked his Dr. about the side effects. The chemo  kills the cancer sells but also gets some of the good cesll, thus side effects. In all I think he is doing great. She assures us the energy level will get better, We wont know about the results for at least 3mo. Will let you know as we know.Good luck and God Bless!!
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Jer22 posted originally back in 2007 and may not see your response, but I'm glad you shared your story -- my husband also recently had TACE, on Sep 3, just a couple of days after.  I hope your husband's recovery is good and the TACE is effective!

The side effects can definitely come from the chemo, but they can also from the embolization process -- when they close off the blood supply, there's also some possible compromise to surrounding tissue as well.  Hopefully neither one of these scenarios happens to either one of our husbands!  Did he have one tumor or more treated?

The waiting is both a reprieve and a torture, isn't it? I hope the tumor(s) disappear(s) and that a clear MRI or CT Scan is in the making right now for your husband!  Sending good wishes your way.  ~eureka
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Just want to say that I am praying for you and your husbands today.;
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