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After 3 rds. of Interferon,(110+wks.), plus 6 infusion treatments of Rituxin, I elected to stop anti-depressants and sleep aids, which I had been on for 4+ yrs.

The great news is that this is the 32nd. day and every day has just gotten better & better! I wish I had the words to express myself, but it as if a whole new world has opened up to me.I have energy to move and the desire to do things!

I will not lie and say that it was easy-it wasn't. I decided to go cold-turkey and not scale back on meds, the way Doctors encourage you to. The first week I pretty much buried my head in my pillow and stayed away from everyone. It became progressively easier everyday and I would not do it any differently.

My body went through several reactions, such as light-headeness,
euphoria, hot flashes, cold flashes, extremely sensual-feelings, confidence and total freedom.

My children are having a hard time with what they call the "new me." They are all in their 40's, and they insist that I am out of control, because I am finally after these past 4+ yrs., feeling as if I can approach & solve my own problems, and what a great feeling this is!

This has become terribly upsetting & frustrating to me, as I want them to understand what a wonderful change this is.It's a whole new world for me, and I want to share it with them.

I am still a non-responder, but I have a totally different outlook on life.

Here's my question. I feel as if the anti-depressants were covering up a big part of aching & soreness. I really do not remember this being so bad, prior to eliminating the aids. Now, my legs, arms & hands ache constantly. I have no intention of ever going back on anti-depressants, so I am looking for a natural aid to help the aching. I take hot baths with sea salt and epsom salt, I have massages, I wax my hands, and I use a cream for muscle aches & pains. I have also been taking Advil, but I am not getting alot of relief?

Do any of you have any suggestions? I believe that some of the hand pain is arthritic, and the legs and feet are definitely due to Neuropathy. How about Glucosamine, Tylenol for Arthritis, any thing else!! I am going to do another round of laser therapy-but it is a short term fix.

Oh, and by the way, I am finally able to sleep at night, something I never accomplished on all the different sleep aids! Go figure~~

I hope to hear from you,
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Congradulations on dumping the sleep aids.  I have been pondering the same.
I have not opted to treat as of yet. but do have RA .Mild. (was worse now better).
Pain is hard, we are not supposed to take either advil or Tylenol from what I have read here.
Well I may not have any answeres for you, but I do want to tell you that you are not alone.
other people will hope fully chime in for you,
best wishes.
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Are you taking glucosimine (sp?) this helps my dad -

Are you still on the rituxan infusions?  I have a rather selfish reason for asking as I got RA from the tx and was going to inquire about taking it with my rheumie.  I was wondering if it helped you at all.
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I did 6 Rituxin infusions and I noticed a difference, especially on my energy level. Like I said prior, my enzymes are better than ever and my cryo appeared to be gone! VL is still high, 22M.

The long term plan from Shands was to continue these treatments for 2 yrs., quarterly.

Unfortunately, I have a huge problem with my insurance company, presently-I have filed a second appeal. I was on Cobra, and it was to expire on 4/26/08. On 4/22/08, I received a letter from Cobra, saying, that since I had qualified for Medicare in July,07, that they were dis-qualifying
my Cobra benefits, efective July 1,2007 to April 26,2008, making me liable for all bills, which had been pd., during that period. All of the treatments and Doctor appointments that I had during that period, were pre-approved by my Cobra insurance, and they had cashed all of my premium payments.

This is going to be a battle, but I am ready to fight!

My Hepatitis Specialist is pursuing a Home Health Agency to administer the Rituxin in my home. I have contacted my present insurance," Medicare, and I have picked up an AARP United Policy, plus an RX policy." Now here's the kicker-the cost of the Rituxin is $2,500 for one (1) infusion,-Shands Hospital cost for one (1) infusion is $19,500.

Something needs to be done about this-but that will be after I conquer and win the appeal, and I continue treatment.

From all studies that I have read, Rituxin, is being used as an experimental treatment for alot of things, and from my experience, I would certainly attempt it, with your Doctors approval.

I hope this helps and I am sorry for all of the rambling, but I hope that through my experiences, other people will gain some personal knowledge, and gain something for their own usage.

Unfortunately, our bodies are all different and accept treatments differently, which makes these diseases so hard to treat, and conquer.

I hope you all have a great day!
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