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Tattoo, eye rubbing

I hope someone can help me.
I got a tattoo in 96' at a place and I remember asking about sanitation. I can't remember if the place was licensed (I think it was). But he showed me his autoclave and said he heat sterilizes the needles. I wish I could remember more. I'm scared I may have gotten hep c from this.  Am I worried over nothing?

What is really bothering me is I have 2 kids and it would kill me if I somehow passed it to them. I know the risk from pregnancy and birth is low (about 5%) but I'm wondering about other ways. For example, I accidentally got blood on the floor and am scared I tracked it throughout the house. My daughter touched the floor and then rubbed her eyes. Is this a viable risk? There was no visible blood on the floor there or on her hands.

Am I thinking it spreads too easily? I'm afraid of exposure to other kids at school, etc.

Please help. The more info, the better.

Thank you.
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The best reassurance is to get tested for Hepatitis C Antibody.  The bottom line is while some folks have a pretty good how they might have gotten infected there are others who cannot begin to guess.

No matter how persuasive the odds might be you deserve the peace of mind of knowing once and for all whether you have HCV or not. If anything so you can move on.

Best of luck
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