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Testing Positive for HEPATITIS C

Good Morning,
I got my blood test report yesterday. It show that my HCV Ratio is 25.0 H high s/co ratio have been shown.  HCV AB is Reactive. I am trying to get pregnent. The doctor told me that I must get treament for HEPATITIS C first before she starts my treatment from pregency. My question is hoe long does the treament for HEPATITIS C will take me? and what stage or level I am at? Is this the worst or in between level? What are the chances of me getting rid of HEPATITIS C ? I am 34 years of age now. Please responde promtly.
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Hi, has the doctor who has told you have Hep C and that you must be treated referred to a liver doctor?  That needs to be done,  and you will need more tests from the liver doctor to determine what stage you are  (how your liver is doing)  and what treatment will entail for you  (if you need it.)  

Some types of Hep C require 24 weeks;  others require 48 weeks;  some don't require treatment ; some types of Hep respond to treatment better than other types.  There is a lot you don't know now that you will need to know before you can assimilate all the information to help you make decisions about treatment / pregnancy / treatment / no treatment / waiting / etc.  All of that is going to depend on what a liver doctor finds out about your liver, mainly through labs and a liver biopsy - if you need a biopsy.  

The doc who is trying to help you get pregnant (if that's what you are talking about)  might not continue to go down this avenue with you if they are unsure about your hepatitis status.  

Have you been referred to a liver doctor?
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bummer, do not panic. you must not treat if pregnant, what you need to know is how far advanced it is? that is done with a biopsy. if only a stage 0 or 1 you have years to wait before you NEED to tx. new drugs are on the horizon and more info will be available in months. tx takes 24 to 48 weeks depending on what type you have AND THE CHANCES OF SUCCESS  go way up if geno 2. at your age you should be able to have the child first.
google "janis and friends" for info on hep c. read everything BEFORE making a decision. i got it before you were even born and just treated. this disease is very managable. 4 million in the usa have it now.
good luck.
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i am not a doctor, nor genius, just so you know, but i found out i had hep c when i was 4 mo. pregnant. the gastro doc ran all the tests to find out my genotype and liver function tests to see where i stood. i am a geno 2b. my LFT's and viral load all came back low. 3 months after that baby was born i wanted to get pregnant again. after the last child was born the doc recommended treatment, but i had two babies and heard of all the side effects the meds had, so i decided to wait. it's been 3 years and i just had a liver biopsy, stage 1 grade 2. i'm still in pretty good shape as far as this disease goes so my doc recommends treating now so i have a better chance of clearing it. i will start tx this week. others here on this forum have been through tx before and have much more knowledge in all these areas, i am sure they will respond. as i heard here, tx is a personal choice. new studies for meds are going on and hopefully some will have less side effects in the future. some people are lucky and have few sx. i would just try to get as much info on the disease, tx and tests available so i could make an informed decision along with a good doc that knows this disease. good luck and stick around, the people here have helped me alot!!!
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i am not pregnent yet, I have been trying to get pregnent for a while and unsuccessfull, so I went the doctor who I went to try to get pregnent, did my blood test and told me I have Hep C and I have to get treatment. Is this like a life threathing desease?
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Does the HCV 25.0 ratio tells ehat stage I am at?
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Jassi there are Many Mothers out there that have wsuccessfully had their children before treating for HCV and have NOT passed this disease on to their children....   I would talk to a liver doc and get the biopsy/stage and grade of your HCV and then in combination with your OB decide whether to treat first or not.  So very many of us have had this for 20 or 30 years and had children raised them and not even known we had it.  And yet our kids are neg for HCV.   Including bopth of mine.

Hopefully there will be some other moms out there who will chime in.
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