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Thanksgiving thoughts

Gonna post his on both sides of the board, rules or no rules

It’s Thankgiving so here goes:

I thank God there’s a cure for this disease that at Least half the people reading these words will experience, and for the people who help make that possible.

I thank God that after a morning with diarrhea caused by antibiotics
that there was an antibiotic in the first place to get rid of my infection and ease unbearable pain!

I thank God that although traffic was a B, at least I HAD a car to get to my labs today.
Especially when I saw those getting off the 3 hr. long ( no stops to pee) handicapped bus as they shuffled into the clinic.

I thank God for this board/forum, that I knew enough to ask for ammonia check and PCR today even though it wasn’t the treatment protocol, asking for it made the difference.

I thank God that when I sat getting “Beechy” waiting 20 minutes for MY lab draw
that He showed me the person in front of me…..
whose blood they could not find to draw today
and who was an amputee….
I thank God that He forgave me my impatience, and corrected me.

I thank God that after crankily going across town in pain to get someone else a potty chair today…(like why should I being sick have to deal with the sick….).
.that at least I was reminded it wasn’t ME having need of the potty chair.
Like the gravedigger being thankful he's still shoveling I guess.

I thank God that when at days end either the day and/or chemo made me cranky with my hubby that he called me on it, and got cranky back. Like I should be the only one with things to gripe about and good excuses to do so?

I thank God that he’s a MAN, who afterwards also had the guts to apologize where he needed to.
Oh the beauty of that Grace being in any of us!!

I thank God,  that there’s a guy coming tomorrow at 800 Am with a jackhammer to tear up concrete all day, so that I can have heat in my house again!!
(I probably won’t think to be thankful for this in tomorrow’s noise and dust, so this is thanks in advance dear Lord.)

I thank God that there’s family coming,
and warm plates of food,
and things that most of us cannot imagine doing without,
and yet many will have to this as in other winters.

I thank God I’m still here to give thanks.
I have trouble some days finding things to be thankful for...
but it's usually because I didn't take the time to look for them.
That’s all for now, it’s someone else’s turn.

Mary B
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opps.my typing didn't keep pace with my mental list....

I thank God for all the docs, and researchers, and drug companies, who do take this disease seriously and are trying to help cure it.

can't leave that one out.
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That was wonderful..I want to thank you & all for being there at one of the most troubling times of my life. It means so much.


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Expressing thanks for antibiotic diarrhea makes this a very worthwhile thread which does indeed justify breaking the forum rules. That is so very touching and it is obvious you spent a lot of time on this. Mike
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Very nice merry. I think you should also thank God that you are able to turn the other cheek and look the other way when someone follows you around on forum and constantly tries to annoy you. That truly is Gods grace in your life.

I'll try to turn the other cheek and say I thank God that someone I know hasn't choked on the silver spoon in his mouth yet.
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C'mon, Mike.

Don't you think you're being just a teensy bit too harsh?

I mean, it is Thanksgiving and while it's not a holiday I put much stock in a lot of people do and I think that should be respected.

I agree this post would have probably been better on the COmmunity Side, but can't we cut people some slack today?

Happy Thanksgiving to all and wishing everyone SVR.

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