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The Anti Deppressant Thread, again!

The above thread seems to have been deleted yet again, which hardly surprises me as it was becoming rather repetitive and I think that all that needed to be said had indeed been said.  Unfortunately it means that some of the excellent info, both for and against the use of AD's during tx, has gone with it.

I have a copy of the discussion if anyone wishes to read it, just let me know.

Epi :)
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"Unfortunately it means that some of the excellent info, both for and against the use of AD's during tx, has gone with it. "

That's not quite accurate.  

Nobody I saw in that thread was against the use of AD's as required during TX.  Everybody in that thread, including the ones who were not yet using AD's had either recommended them to someone or were prepared to use them for themselves if required.  

The only bone of contention was if AD's as a prophylactic should be used as part of a treatment regimen .....some going as far as to suggest that they should be used prophylactically...pre-dosed....as part of every treatment regimen and  .... with the opposing view then presented that they should NOT be included as a prophylactic -- pre-dosed...part of every treatment regimen and should be used prophylactically only in certain circumstances.

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sure hope it wasn't my comments that got it removed I was just stating basically it is a person's personal choice granite seemed to want to take them
I would think a person going into tx should have the right to choose whether it was right or them or not
I in no way in my comments said it should be a mandatory treatment I am not a medical person just speaking from personal experience as we all are
Some great information if you have the links that Dr. Liver placed I would like copies
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I sent you a note :))
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Here sweetie,





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Thanks Epiphiny and Marcia
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When you read those links, please do watch for the distinction between the following:

Was there a prior history of depression in anybody studied?

Was there a baseline taken that showed existing depression at the onset of treatment?

In the one study cited twice in two different links, did the people who were studied have any previous depression or existing depression at onset of treatment or was depression non-existent in the persons who were pre-dosed with AD's?   I don't know the answers to that myself, it's the questions I had posted prior to the thread being pulled.  The distinction is important.

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