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The Dragon is Slain

Hi all.
Sorry i ain,t been on for a while my way of dealing with it.
anyhow greeeat news got the all clear from the quack had 3 seperate negatives thats 12 months clear.
The quack says i can drink again (though not as much as others haha). I have had hep c effects within the 12 months but that may have been in my mind.I have also started playing football again (soccer to my freinds from the usa)so all in all things are ok
Special mention for Indianna my theme park has been left a bit and it has fell on my wife to keep it up (proves i am back to normal haha) hows the general and i was really chuffed to read your results had gone well to
god bless you all and i will try not to stay away as long
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I think you are the happiest man alive now, you deserve
it because you worked for it.. Thanks for sharing that with us.
Could you please give us some hint of your history?
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Congradulations!!  I never 'met' you while you were on tx as I am a year behind you.  Hope next September has as good news for me.
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Congrats!  What genotype were you and what medicines did you take?  It must be a great, great, feeling to beat this thing.  I am procrastinating about going on treatment, and afraid at the same time that waiting may work against me in the long run.  I need courage!
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Dear Simom:  Great to hear another dragon bites the dust!  Life is good post TX!
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Great News!!!!!
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I haven't met you but congrats! It's inspiring to hear SVR stories. Thanks for sharing. LL
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That is GREAT news. It is so incouraging to hear other people are clearing. Congratulations!
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It's nice you can have a little drink again. Congrats.
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God bless you and yours.

CELEBRATE ... and have one for me!

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Hey, you were the Geordie wern't you?  I was on treatment about the same time too.  Im from Birmingham - my 6 month post test was clear, and im going for the 1 year soon.  
Congratulations on your wonderful news!
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Great news. Thanks for posting. Mike
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Congratulations! Thank you for taking time to share your good news!
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Congradulations on the all clear....Don't forget to have a party or something.  I go for my one year on the 29th. of this month.
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I personally only had vague vibes about going on treatment and to tell the truth once i was on i tried to put it out my mind there were some hairy moments but the help i recieved from my pals here was enough to get me through not forgeting my wife and daughter i can,t even remember what genotype i had but i believe it was the less volitile.
The first injection was the worst but the feeling on my last injection was great (no more.I know the wait for results plays on your mind and effects you in funny ways but my way of coping was to forget i had this bloody virus and get on with life as best i could (just the way i am)hard northern geordie haha.but like i said come result time i started to get edgey natural i suppose.
BIGEYES-if u need encourgement just look at all the successes here now last year it was few and far between.
we are winning the fight and hopefully the dragon will become exstinct again listen to your doc swallow your pride and go along with the treatment it ain't pleasent and is tiresome but so is hep c i was lucky it was only 6 months.It effects you and loved ones so be open like you are here and share you apprehensions with them
good luck
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Wow, go celebrate and have a beer for me!  Not too many, congratulations, you did it!!

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Congratulations, Simon, and it's on to better times.  Thanks for posting your diploma for us to see.  There are so few 1 year out who report back.  

CC2, BethUK, the best of luck on your 12-month post checks.

Galen, I hope you "enjoy" taking that last shot tomorrow. Whew.  Countdown mode, just some Ribas left...  Now don't take off for the moon when you get down to zero, even though you are in FL, and don't get too depressed if you miss these wonderful meds  afterward... there's always chocolate, instead, or lobster.  Where/When is your Dragon Knuckles BBQ being held?

Maj Neni
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I am a native Floridian(St.Augustine)transplanted now to Tennessee.Gets interesting during the Gators vs Vols game each year as I have 2 son-in-laws that are diehard Vols fans.Wanted you to know I really respect your advice and know that it comes from a heart that cares,so keep up the good old southern hospitality.
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Hi all. Not only have I just finished whimping on about my impending biopsy - You would think I was the only one on here with hep c - sorry for sounding so selfish - but I am on a real downer tonight and I wonder if some of you guys could help. I am terrrrrified that I may have given my son hepc c at birth...I didn't even know that I had hep c at the time. My story is that my ex partner who had had hep c - he had been a drug addict in the seventies - like many others - gave me herpes and we reckon that is when I got the hep c too.  I am now SO worried that I may have given it to my five year old at birth. They used a scalp monitor whivh makes it more worrying as they break the skin to apply the monitor. The thing is I have had two appointments to take him for a blood test and I have chickened out at the last minute. The thought of the poor thing having to have a needle stuck in his arm when it is all my fault is screwing me up...I don't know how I will cope with the results if it is positive. I chose the name happy hepper because I am usually a really upbeat optimistic kind of person - but this has got me beat - I promise to help any of you out there in any way I can - I wont always be moaning at you guys. My little one is so cute - he is only five and done nothing wrong to anyone. They tested me for HIV and Hep C at the same time as I was tested for the damned herpes - both came back negative - now I am worrying if the hepc was a falsenegative maybe the hiv was too???..... I am seeing my consultant tomorrow in Leeds - though he makes me feel like a number on a production line - don't know what I will get out of him....it was like trying to draw blood from a stone trying to get copies of my blood tests! Sorry guys - I will go and suck a lemon or something - I am not much fun tonight.  I hope you are all doing really well.
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What is your opinion of very low to moderate use of alchohol for me ?
Taking into consideration the results of my biopsy report (stage one grade
three) and that I show to be clear at 5 mos post tx.
1) can you give me your advice on any limits, or criteria that puts a
perspective on this. ie: two beers to four beers per week. I would enjoy the
freedom to consume a few beers here and there, but wouldnt hesitate to
maintain complete abstenstion or strictly regulate if need be.
2) if its ok in some amount to partake of alchohol ..can the ingestion of it
in any way promote reinfection?
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HappyHepper, Get that boy in for a blood test asap. He needs you to look out for him and youll feel much better after.
45, It's my understanding that at 6 months post treatment you may drink moderate amounts of alcohol. If the virus is gone for this long your liver should be functioning well enough to process alcohol. course check with your doc about this .I plan on waiting a year post tx before drinking if I;m lucky enough to clear. At that point there is no evidence that I know of that supports the Idea that drinking will bring back the virus. Cheers for clearing!
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to drink alchol or not is a big question. My liver was not that damaged infact i was just in the limits of treatment. we all know that giving time the liver will recover but it is down to what stage it has to recover from personaly you need to ask your doc i drink but i watch what i drink and i will never touch another spirit again.
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