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The importance of taking Ribavirin with fatty foods !

I thought this was important enough to post since some members here may be giving out the wrong information. Also people may confuse taking only Incivek  with fatty food and not the Ribavirin. It is just as important to take the Riba with fatty food. Since people take their riba and Incivek at the same time the fatty food will help both meds to be better absorbed.

Let me state this again. Ribavirin is better absorbed with a high fat meal. Like I said there are studies and proven data to back it up. Google " taking ribavirin with fat". Here is one example from PubMed, a well respected website:


The component of the final population pharmacokinetic model that describes the absorption phase is complex. Although a standard meal did not affect ribavirin bioavailability (F1), administration of ribavirin with a high-fat meal increased bioavailability by 46% relative to the fasting state. A high-fat meal prolonged the duration of the zero-order input part of the absorption model, with D1 increasing from 0.498 h (fasting and standard meal) to 0.740 h. The type of meal also influenced the first-order input part of the absorption model (Table 1).
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This is important information and it's unfortunate it can't be tagged in the side columns as referenced reading for new members.  There's a lot of wasted space on this page that could be used in a much better way.  I wish those at medhelp would take notice.

I wish the moderators or medhelp would consider removing some of the items in the right bar such as Top Hepatitis answerers, related tags, expert activity, etc.  This would make room for important articles like this.  These articles could then be easily references without having to search or repost for only those lucky enough to see it that day.  Creating a "sticky" column would be very useful to new members as they begin trt.  

Thanks for posting copyman.

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i've been trying real hard to eat fat before taking my pills...thanks for the info....billy
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Thanks for that info.  Is it ok to take the ribavirin with the incevik?  Then wouldn't the fat go towards both drugs if they are taken at the same time?
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Taken from copyman post:

"Although a standard meal did not affect ribavirin bioavailability (F1), administration of ribavirin with a high-fat meal increased bioavailability by 46% relative to the fasting state."

My doctor said I do not need to take the ribavarin with a high fat meal. Just a meal.
It can have some fat in it if I want, Just a meal will absorb it just fine.

Just my experience.
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They have never defined  "high fat" in grams though. Pretty vague statement.
Donuts in the AM, ice cream in the PM and alternate weekly...;*) next thing you know, you've taken 4000 riba pills through your tx(g)
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I agree with Fly.  There needs to be an area for general information and I would go futher, an area to post esp helpful links eg slide shows about drug mechanisms etc.
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