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The life with HCV (before treatment)

As some of the members in this forum might know, I am with HCV since 1980, after an injury, part of my liver right lobe had been resection due to liver rupture from the injury, I have received a lot of blood and with that also the virus. On 1995 I did a biopsy that found something like Stage 2, Some years ago my GB had been removed due to jaundice that caused because of gall-stones,  3 months ago I did FibroTest that said F4-A3, after that I did Fibrotest that said the same, 1 month ago I did biopsy that said Stage 2-3 and Grade 2-3 (not good at all but at least much better then F4), I will start tx very soon, my geno
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I like you  also 1b with at last count 3 mil viral load.  I have also had the virus since about 80.  I suspect I got the virus with a shared coke straw.  I have none of the sympoms you discribe.  This virus treats everyone different and there is no answer for it.  It could be the amount of virus received at time of infection has something to do with it.  I suspect it is in the Genes and maybe that is where the answer lies.  Wish you the best.

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the way I manifest this disease is mostly through "flare-ups" where I'll have some of the symptoms you mentioned for about a month (or less) , or a little longer, then they will abate...each flare up will have about the same symptoms, maybe with a few more then you mention...the only one that stays with me all the time is the fatigue, but that may also be from menopause, I really think the menopause and hep are tag-teaming me, maybe with one making the other worse...I haven't had a flare-up in a long time, knock on wood, over a year....the weakness in the voice, to me, comes from my general weakness during one of these times, I also get a kind of IBS, night sweats (different from hot flashes, already went through them) this is gross, but unformed stools, a whole raft of symptoms...

but I'm only talking about me here, there's no way I can know what youre going through, or why exactly...that's up to your doctor, though I will admit that doctors don't always like to discuss symptoms, it's something they can't really quantify in every case...or at least that's been the case with me...

I have talked or knew of other people who get these flare ups, but they don't seem to be common...most people I know of just get some chronic symptoms that are there most of the time, is this what youre experiencing? Anyway, the best to you - hope you'll knock this sucker to Kingdom Come! Be well...
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also forgot to say, that one of my doc's told me that the reason I'm getting symptoms is that my immune system is trying it's best to fight off the disease (I do have relatively low liver damage and my viral load has never been over 200,000)and in those times, it's putting up a huge fight against the hep...

this is kinda what happens when we get a flu virus, and the symptoms occur there, the body is fighting off the flu...cept with me of course, the virus never goes completely away, dag-nab-it...this disease seems to play out differently in many people, with some people never getting any symptoms at all, even though they have cirrhosis...and then there are the people with low liver damage who don't get any symptoms at all either...trippy disease is all I gotta say...be well...
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sorry, I'm busy right now so I can't finish a post:) what I do to ward off symptoms, etc...is I eat extremely well, try to get as much exercise as I can, I do take a regimen of supplementation, sometimes stopping it to give my filtering organs a rest...you know, just keep a "liver friendly" lifestyle...no smoking, drinking, eating a lot of junkfood, etc..."I" think this has served me well for having this over 30 years now, but of course, there are other elements at play as well...like your genetics, etc...I am in no way saying to just rely on this liver friendly lifestyle and not treat, I'm not saying that at all (you can get in trouble here advocating something for someone else)...this is what I do till i treat...and I'm sure I'll be doing this afterwards...I hope you have the greatest success...
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ha ha, one more thing then I promise I'll shut up unless you ask me a question...I do meditation and hypnosis tapes, etc to work on my mind too, I think illness can linger there in our thoughts as well and we have to do everything we can do to remain positive, whether we treat or not...most probably especially when you treat...
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I am also 1b w/vl of 2,000,000, M, age 69. Probably infected in 1983. On shot 3/48. My recent biopsy was 1/1. with slightly elevated alt/ast.

I had the sysmptoms you describe. They were gradually getting worse. I just thought if i'm going to feel crappy all the time, I may as well be on the tx. Now, I REALLY  feel crappy. My biggest side is the fevers. I am hoping my system will adjust by week 12. BTW, i am taking trazodone which helps a lot.
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