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Things to stay away from to help my liver

Of course I know no drinking, I have Hep C with stage 3 for Imflamation & Scar, but also have Systmiac Lupus and Fibermaylaga.  So I take pain pills prescribed by my lupus Dr. is this hurting me?
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most pain meds have acetometaphine in them, so dont take alot of them...

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There is a nice list of possible liver toxins on HepCnet at http://hepcnet.net/drugsandliverdamage.html

The safe dose of acetaminephin is 4 grams per day (8 extra strength pills).  People on HCV treatment are usually restricted to 2 grams a day so that may be a good limit for those with liver damage, too.  Liver damage usually requires a lower dose of everything because the damaged liver is unable to process drugs at a normal rate and normal doses may turn out to be too high.  HCV-infected liver cells may also take on more scarring than normal from possible toxins, due to poorer cell function. I have heard that people who successfully treat HCV should avoid drugs that suppress the immune system; drugs like oral steroids and the meds for rheumatoid arthritis.  I'm not sure if that notion carries on forever or whether there eventually comes a point when those drugs stop being a threat to the sustained viral response.
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Usually, you can get the painpills without the acetaminophen or advil in them..........just the narcotic.  I still wouldn't advise taking too many of them but some people don't have much choice - at least this might help a little bit.
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There are commonsense thing you can do that have the potential for really helping. Limit meats and especially fats. Limit sugar. Eat fresh green vegetables. Don't smoke.
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GoofyDad said it quite well.  I've had Hep-C since the late 1960's when I was in the Army.  I received the official diagnosis in 1992, before that it was non-specific hepatitis.  I have geno-type 1A and am in the end stages with severe cirrhosis.  

Since that time, I've studied and researched the disease and found that many other people I know who are my age have it.  I know of only two who are now "non-detectable" but will always carry the HCV antibodies.  I've kept myself alive while many of my friends with Hep-C have died by doing the research and following good advice from alternative health care professionals.  

I've taken and failed all of the known treatment protocols since 1996.

Limiting red meat and anything fatty is essential.  Sugar is brutal on the liver so if you like sweets start looking for sugar free substitutes.  I take a little raw, organic, honey on whole wheat bread when I want something sweet.  Cinnamon is good for the stomach and is like ginger at helping with nausea and I'll sprinkle a little organic cinnamon on top of the honey once in a while.  Fresh, green vegetables and any dark colored fruit or vegetable is good, too.  The dark colored fruit, blueberry, blackberry, pomegranate and the like contain anti-oxidants which help with cellular growth.  Look that one up.  Dark vegetables, spinach, tomatoes, green or red bell peppers, are all good for the same reasons.

Good luck to you, Cindy1188.

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Drink water.
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