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To The Negative opions

At Least Iam  willing and hoping that they did find a cure and I don't give a **** if I got to stick a needle in my eye or take 50 pills a day.IAM Being postive about this and I GOT NOTHING MORE TO LOSE OTHER THEN TO GAIN
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I let ya in on a secret...You don't have to open a new thread everytime to respond or make a comment. Just click on your previous thread, and hit "post comment" button at bottom of page.

There is already a "cure" for HCV..It's called interferon/riba combination treatment.. For geno 1's, it cures just about 50%. For geno 2's and 3, it is near 80%..
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I don't think any one was being negative, it's just that on that first link, they use a photo of a junkie preceding an article about Hep C following the stereotype that everyone who has hep c was a junkie which forms the stigma.  

I WAS a junkie and DID get it from IV drug use, but also think that that photo is distasteful and ugly.
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off topic -
NYgirl - you posted about using malox/benedryll for mouth sores. About how long did it take for you to notice a difference? How often did you swab your mouth?
all - any suggestion for dry eyes?
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I wasn't trying to be negitve at all with my comment to you. I may be feel very negitive about the news article that chose to place that photo, caption and not mention any other means of HVC transmission in the article. This is the kind of thing that makes it hard for us to get support and money for the cure of HVC. The stigma of it being ONLY IV drug users that get it. Sure there are lots of people that get it that way. Remember when HIV was considered the GAY disease? The stigma was unbelievable! No one wanted to help. They raised awareness themselves and put a better face on HIV than was more positive. It helped them get celebrities, money, fund raisers etc. The amounts they get comparitively is amazing.
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I just looked at that article, farout, thats pretty bad, and yeah, its in 1999, they wouldnt want to put a picture like that in the paper these days, id certainly have something to say about it.  That picture has probably damaged us heppers more than anything.
You are right sfbaygirl, the stigma is real bad, it isnt just drug users that get this disease and the public needs to know that, we need to do something like they are doing with AIDS, get more public awareness about it.
Im sick and tired of us having to wait for Celebrities to get something done, but unfortunately that seems to be the way of it all, it hits their doorstep and they become involved.
What we need is some Government people to come directly involved with hep c, then we would see something happening.
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What we need is a close community (like gays) and leader as powerful as the one that lead the fight against AIDS. It would be sure help. Gays really did an amazing job of raising awareness during that time it was killing so many.
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