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To all Geno 4s

1 year post tx PCR:

"HCV not detected"

I would do it again if I had to and I am glad I did
not postpone tx in hopes for better drugs.
My goal always was to see actual first 12wk
response and than go from there.
It led to SVR


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Very good news. Congratulations!
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Happy Anniversary Bali!!! Your an inspiration. Congrats Buddy.

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Cheers back atcha.
Thanks for all the great research you did for geno 4s and everyone else here.
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great news bali...thanks for posting.....billy
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Hey there!  So very happy to hear from you!  Thank you for sharing with all of us.  I am grateful to you for sharing
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Hi Bali,
Its always nice to hear from you. Congratulations on your one year anniversary result. Its very inspiring. Genotype 4 is minority in the US. No PI for us and no hope something will come out soon or the how effective the new drug will be. You gambled and it worked out perfect for you. I am starting to believe that the science about treatment of hep c is still far from perfection and still highly relative. I think that body condition, will power and mind control over the body have significant impact on treatment.
I am still in treatment. I can not project what will be the outcome but I have hope in God that all will be well for me and for all who are fighting this battle.
Bro, I really adore your courage, insight, knowledge and strength. Please stay active on the forum so that you may help few G4s to make the right decisions. Its a cash 22 for G4 but "He always make a way where there is no way".
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I cannot believe its almost been a year. Congrat Bali I remember how hesitant you were at first and am glad that you made the decisions that you did. Imagine that cured :)
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Wow.  AWESOME NEWS for G4's!!!  And what a blessing for you.  Thanks for sharing this. Be blessed!  Bee
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Congratulations B ! ! Thats a total of 112 weeks of ummm your adventure ... for my adventure .. am at 84 weeks ....

I just received my 6 month post tx pcr last night ... Und : ) !

Cheers buddy , Aaron
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Still remember in the midst of the heat when you pm`d me inquiring about my rational for extending to 60wk tx and here we are throughing our SVRs around.

Only the best buddy , congrats

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Major congrats to both of you.  Well done.
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Great to see  both you guys back here with this news!

Congrats and stay well..
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Hi Zako7 fellow genotype 4 here, not treating yet. How have you been doing on the triple tx.
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Congratulations.  It's been a long road for you; the diagnois part, Firbroscans, thinking about tx, thinking about SOC, 60 weeks of treatment, a year post treatment.  After all that...how many viral load tests do you think you've had from beginning to current?
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As many as I wanted and too many to count .... lol
Without looking at my folder I would guess around  25 or so could be more.

This last one I did mostly because I had a reinfection scare.... I was taking
care of my 85 year old father who is HCV 1 and who recently had a stroke
and now dementia . He fell multiple times with blood all over the place and
I cut myself trying to help him.
The people at the nursing home where is at now wear gloves when they
clean him ect...

I had more reasons than one to run this latest PCR.
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